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Speed Up and Simplify LC Method Development with Restek’s

Pro EZLC Online Tools

LC Method Translator · LC Chromatogram Modeler

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  • Develop new LC methods in minutes from your desk instead of spending days in the lab.
  • Optimize or modify existing methods reliably and without guesswork.
  • Increase productivity—free, easy-to-use, online software saves time and increases certainty.

    Pro EZLC online tools make it easy to develop and optimize new LC methods or translate existing ones quickly and accurately. See the effects of parameter changes instantly at your desk without spending time in the lab or tying up an instrument. Take advantage of Restek’s years of chromatographic expertise at any time, from anywhere, with simple-to-use yet incredibly powerful EZLC method development tools.

    New! Pro EZLC Chromatogram Modeler

    Now Available for Drugs of Abuse—Other Compound Libraries Coming Soon!

    • Cut method development time and cost dramatically with highly accurate simulated separations.
    • Explore different LC columns and conditions virtually so lab instruments stay online running samples.
    • Refine methods in real time to instantly optimize performance for critical separations.

    The Pro EZLC chromatogram modeler is an advanced tool for virtually modeling LC separations. This free, online simulator allows users to simply input a compound list and instantly receive separation conditions that can be implemented directly in the lab. Results can also be further optimized to meet specific analytical requirements. No experimental input is needed because EZLC models are based on robust algorithms and experimental data already generated by Restek’s scientists.

    Before spending time in the lab, use the Pro EZLC chromatogram modeler to do the following:

    • Select compounds from our libraries.
    • Target specific analytes for resolution.
    • Try different stationary phases virtually.
    • Understand how chromatographic variables affect compound retention and elution.
    • Change critical parameters (column phase and dimensions, mobile phase, gradient, temperature, etc.) to optimize your model in real time.
    • Save models for easy comparison and future reference.

    YOU NEED: To perform LC method development from scratch, including the column and conditions.

    YOU HAVE: An analyte list (and you may have a column in mind, too).

    YOU GET: Customized, interactive model chromatograms that provide a specific phase, column dimension, and conditions. You can change columns, modify LC method conditions, zoom in, and view chemical structures.



    EZLC Method Translator

    • Scale down and speed up your current LC method to increase sample throughput.
    • Reduce solvent consumption and associated costs.
    • Increase certainty that your new method will meet performance requirements.

    Scaling down an existing LC method to a smaller column format can speed up run time, increase sample throughput, and reduce solvent use, but only if the LC conditions are also properly adjusted. Pro EZLC method translation software simplifies and streamlines this process by taking manual calculations and time-consuming lab work out of the way. Just input your current column dimensions and method conditions, then specify the dimensions of the new column you want to try; the Pro EZLC method translator will automatically generate new injection volumes and isocratic or gradient program conditions. In addition, the software displays speed gains, solvent savings, retention times, and critical pair resolution values so you can quickly assess results for different column options from your desk and be certain of method performance before starting in the lab.

    YOU NEED: To reduce run time and speed up your current method by changing column dimensions and/or particle size.

    YOU HAVE: An existing method.

    YOU GET: Accurately translated isocratic or gradient LC method parameters as well as calculated retention times, speed gains, solvent savings, and critical pair resolution values.


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