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Restek Philosophy & Culture


Restek is a family of employees committed to an inclusive, collaborative, and safe workplace, where we treat everyone with dignity and respect. This guiding principle makes us happier, more productive, more creative, more empathetic, better able to serve you—and it is simply the right thing to do.

We are able to remain true to our principles and culture because we are resolutely independent and 100% employee-owned. Our culture is a vital element of what makes us unique. And our culture is why so many choose to do business with us and even join our family as employees.

First and foremost, safety and quality are the foundations of our culture. Without them we could not have a company that we are proud of.

Restek's Quality Policy

Restek employees strive for Quality on Time, Plus 1 Every Time, and Continual Improvement.


We also recognize our responsibility to the environment. Not only do we provide products that help monitor the health of the world around us, but we also operate in full compliance with all regional environmental laws and regulations.

We also believe in investing in our employees, both professionally and personally. Whether considering career advancement or seeking to improve one's health and well-being, we want every employee to achieve his or her goals. When our people are successful in all aspects of their lives, we are successful as a company, and we can help you succeed as our partner.

Built upon these bedrock beliefs, our eight Core Values are the heart of our culture:

Plus 1 in Everything We Do

To our founder, the term “Plus 1” meant going above and beyond expectations. From providing you with exceptional customer service to putting in extra effort to support fellow employees in our daily tasks, this philosophy underlies everything we do to this day.

Mutual Trust and Respect

Mutual trust and respect is reciprocal. It travels back and forth between people, departments, and teams. We each rely on each other, and treat each other as we want to be treated ourselves.

In The Light

Honesty and integrity are crucial in any relationship, so we operate as transparently as possible with each other and with you.

Constructive Disagreement

Different perspectives and constructive debate are valuable and welcome. Our best ideas are formed collaboratively after healthy conflict.

Fast Failure

When innovating, failure represents an opportunity to learn and grow, so the faster we accept it, the better. When serving our customers, we quickly fix mistakes and make sure they do not happen again.

Celebrate Success

We believe in acknowledging and sharing our successes, both individually and organizationally.

Pride in Our Work

One reason our people love coming to work is that their work matters, that our work helps scientists around the world make it a better place.

Execution and Accountability

Doing what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it—this is one of the best ways to build genuine trust.

While your experience with Restek will reflect these Core Values wherever you interact with us, our offices around the globe also have a uniqueness that is an expression of the people who work there. We believe there is ample room for individuality at Restek, and we respect and value the diversity of our employees, customers, and communities.

To see our Core Values in action, Contact Us and find out how we can serve you.