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Maximize Your Profit Margins, Improve Your Data & Streamline Your Business

Establish a standing order for custom Restek reference standards

  • Drastically lower your cost per analysis.
  • Minimize data variability.
  • Eliminate manufacturing delays.
  • Meet primary/secondary source needs easily.
  • Simplify your finances.
  • Adjust your order to changing business needs.

When you know you are going to need them anyway, why not set up a standing order for your custom reference standards? Establishing a standing order—also known as a blanket order—for your custom Restek reference standards is a great way to improve your data quality, make your job easier, and significantly extend the savings of volume pricing.

Drastically Lower Your Cost per Analysis


For every custom reference standard we develop, our veteran chemists establish a minimum standardized batch volume that guarantees maximum quality and accuracy. Such a batch must be produced for every new custom request we process, whether a one-time order or a 12-month standing order, and it almost always yields far more than is needed for our 3-ampul minimum requirement—in many cases, it’s enough to satisfy a lab’s yearly demand.


The cost of this minimum standardized batch volume is rolled into the final cost of your custom standard, so the more of it you are able to use, the more money you save per ampul.


Consider a 10-compound PAH/pesticide standard. For a standing order of 30 ampuls (set to ship at a rate of 3 ampuls per month), you would pay almost the same material and labor costs that you would for an order of just 3 ampuls because the minimum standardized batch volume is the same. Therefore, 10 separate monthly orders for 3 ampuls each could cost you almost 10 times what it would for the same 30 ampuls, delivered at the same interval of 3 ampuls per month, if you set up a standing order!



By setting up a standing order, you are able to use more, if not all, of the minimum standardized batch volume, thereby spreading the material and labor costs across far more ampuls—and thereby significantly lowering your cost per ampul and maximize your profit margins.

Minimize Data Variability

When you establish a standing order for your custom reference standards, we produce your standard in the least number of batches possible to fulfill your yearly demand — for most customers, in a single batch. Not only do you lower your costs, but you also get less variability and more consistent data from one shipment to the next because of the single source.

Eliminate Manufacturing Delays

Your custom standards will be prepared and inventoried in Restek’s labs in advance of scheduled shipments—and sent to you when you need it. As a result, not only will you avoid disposal of expired standards, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of instrument downtime.

Meet Primary/Secondary Source Needs Easily

For any custom Restek reference standard, you can request two independent lots—allowing you to conveniently obtain all of your calibration and verification standards from a single vendor. Going further, we can also discuss preparing these independently produced standards using different raw material lots, from different suppliers, to satisfy the strictest of secondary-source requirements.

Simplify Your Finances

When you have a standing order with Restek, we only invoice you for product when it ships, so you can better balance your lab’s month-to-month expenses.

In addition, once you set up your standing order, there’s no need to place monthly or bimonthly orders or to deal with additional purchase requests, POs, or invoices. And, fewer ampuls on hand means less cost to you in both overhead and inventory maintenance.

Adjust Your Order to Changing Business Needs

It’s no problem if conditions change after you set up your standing order. Simply contact Restek to change the dates of your scheduled shipments.

When you set up a standing order with Restek, we ship the reference standards you need, in the amounts you need, when you need them. For stock or custom chromatography reference standards, you will love the convenience of always knowing that accurate solutions will arrive on time, every time.

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