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Resource Hub Introduction and FAQs

We’ve been generating chromatograms and applications notes since we opened our doors in 1985 and haven’t ever stopped. Expanded to include technical articles, blog posts, videos, powerful modeling software, and so much more, our library of technical resources just keeps growing. Whether browsing or searching, it’s all right here at your fingertips.

How do I search for resources?

Start by going to the main Resource Hub and either choosing a Resource type to see all resources by type or use the search bar to search for specific resources.
Resource types include the following:

  • Chromatograms
  • SDS/COA/Data Packs Search
  • ChromaBLOGraphy
  • Videos
  • Technical Literature
  • EZ Suite & Calculators
  • FAQs

If you want to search for a specific resource using the search bar, make sure you choose either the “Resource” tab or the “Chromatograms” tab above the search bar before searching. If you’d like to search for product documentation, click on the “SDS, COA, & Data Packs Search” icon to be taken to the documentation search page.

How do I narrow down my results in the Resource Hub?

To narrow down your results, you can use the filters in the left sidebar.

Using filters

To use the filters, check the boxes of the filters you want to use to narrow down your results. Uncheck the boxes to remove the filters.

Filter boxes with a “+” sign in the filter box indicates that there are subfilters available. Simply click the “+” sign to see the subfilters available. Check the boxes of the subfilters you want to use to narrow down your results. Uncheck the boxes to remove the filters.

You can clear filters by clicking “Clear” in the filter sidebar, or by clicking the X next to the filters displayed at the top of the search results.

How do I find resources in the language I’m looking for?

While a variety of our resources are translated in different languages, some of our resources are only available in English at this time. If you don’t see the resource you are looking for in your preferred language, please try searching for them in English.

You can also see what languages each resource is available in if you are on a specific resource page (such as an article or blog). Simply click on the languages dropdown on the top of the resource page, and any language that the resource is available in will be shown. Select the language of your preference to view the resource.