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Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit
  1. Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit

Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit

カタログ番号 33105
Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit

Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit


  • Fully resolves 31 fragrance allergens with one analysis on an Rxi-17 column.
  • Ideal for GC-MS analysis following IFRA methodology.
  • Helps you meet EU requirements defined in the European Cosmetics Directive.
  • All components included at 400 ppm to allow dilution for calibration curves and use with different solvents.
  • Exceeds purity requirements outlined in IFRA method.
  • This kit contains 1 mL/ampul each (in methyl tert-butyl ether) of the following cat.#s: 33100, 33101, 33102, 33103, 33104. (Components of the kit are not available for individual sale.)

See Compounds tab for a detailed list of compounds contained in this formulation.


To help protect consumers with allergies, the 7th Amendment to the European Cosmetics Directive mandates that finished cosmetic products and personal care products must indicate if they contain excess amounts of any allergen on a list of 26 compounds. Of those 26, 24 are volatile chemicals that can be determined through GC-MS analysis, and version 3 of the method outlined by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) does just that.

This specially formulated reference standard kit exceeds IFRA purity requirements and contains all 24 EU-defined fragrance allergens detectable by GC-MS, along with seven additional potential allergens. When analyzed on a Restek Rxi-17 column following the IFRA method, all required compounds and isomers resolve clearly with no coelutions. This time-saving mix is also incredibly robust with a shelf life of over one and a half years, so you can stock an already-made standard instead of spending the time to create a new batch for every analysis.

Whether you manufacture fragrances in Europe, sell to European consumers, or simply wish to test for allergens in your products, choose the reference standard mix that helps you follow IFRA methodology in one convenient, long-lasting formulation.

Contains 1 mL each of these mixtures (in methyl tert-butyl ether).

MTBE Solvent Blank, cat.# 33100††

methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) (1634-04-4), Neat

1-Fluoronaphthalene (Internal Standard), cat.# 33101††
1-fluoronaphthalene (321-38-0), 20 µg/mL

Fragrance Allergen Standard A (Includes Internal Standard), cat.# 33102††
α-amylcinnamaldehyde*† (122-40-7), 400 µg/mL
cinnamal* (104-55-2), 400 µg/mL
citral*† (5392-40-5), 400 µg/mL
3,7-dimethyl-7-hydroxyoctanal* (107-75-5), 400 µg/mL
1-fluoronaphthalene (321-38-0), 20 µg/mL
α-hexylcinnamaldehyde*† (101-86-0), 400 µg/mL
lilial* (80-54-6), 400 µg/mL
lyral*† (31906-04-4), 400 µg/mL
phenylacetaldehyde** (122-78-1), 400 µg/mL

Fragrance Allergen Standard B (Includes Internal Standard), cat.# 33103††
α-amylcinnamic alcohol*† (101-85-9), 400 µg/mL
benzyl alcohol* (100-51-6), 400 µg/mL
cinnamyl alcohol* (104-54-1), 400 µg/mL
citronellol* (106-22-9), 400 µg/mL
eugenol* (97-53-0), 400 µg/mL
farnesol*† (4602-84-0), 400 µg/mL
1-fluoronaphthalene (321-38-0), 20 µg/mL
geraniol* (106-24-1), 400 µg/mL
isoeugenol* (97-54-1), 400 µg/mL
linalool* (78-70-6), 400 µg/mL
4-methoxybenzyl alcohol* (105-13-5), 400 µg/mL
methyl eugenol** (93-15-2), 400 µg/mL

Fragrance Allergen Standard C (Includes Internal Standard), cat.# 33104††
4-allylanisole** (140-67-0), 400 µg/mL
benzyl benzoate* (120-51-4), 400 µg/mL
benzyl cinnamate* (103-41-3), 400 µg/mL
benzyl salicylate* (118-58-1), 400 µg/mL
camphor** (76-22-2), 400 µg/mL
1,8-cineole** (470-82-6), 400 µg/mL
coumarin* (91-64-5), 400 µg/mL
1-fluoronaphthalene (321-38-0), 20 µg/mL
d-limonene* (5989-27-5), 400 µg/mL
iso-α-methylionone* (127-51-5), 400 µg/mL
methyl 2-nonynoate** (111-80-8), 400 µg/mL
methyl 2-octynoate* (111-12-6), 400 µg/mL
safrole** (94-59-7), 400 µg/mL

*Compound listed in 7th Amendment to the European Cosmetics Directive.
**Additional potential allergens included in this formulation.
†Compounds defined as two isomers resulting in two chromatographic peaks.
††Components of the Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit are not available for individual sale.


Fragrance Allergen Standards Kit