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Need help finding the correct ferrule to install your GC column? Part 5: Shimadzu GCs

4 maggio 2015
  • Glenn Gerhab
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You’re ready to install a column into your GC and realize you do not have the correct ferrules. Which ferrule do you choose?  The parameters to consider when choosing the correct ferrule are instrument make and model, nut size and type, ferrule material, and column ID.  A visit to our ferrules home page will provide a general overview of various ferrules offered by Restek.  By navigating the page, you can narrow the selection by choosing these parameters. For my final post on ferrule selection I will cover Shimadzu GC options and tips.

Capillary columns:

Shimadzu 17A, 2010, and 2014 GCs use ferrules with two piece construction to install capillary columns. They also use specific nuts for column installation into Shimadzu inlets and detectors. Restek provides both these items for capillary column installation. The nut without the slot is a Restek design to increase its lifetime and durability.

Shim1 Shim2 Shim3
Capillary Ferrules Nut with Slot Nut without Slot

Restek also offers an injector nut kit that will allow the use of standard compression ferrules in Shimadzu GCs.


Injector Nut Kit

Packed Columns

Shimadzu GCs packed column hardware is commonly metric sizes- Restek does not supply metric size fittings or nuts. The only metric size packed column ferrules we sell are for Shimadzu model 17A. They have an ID of 5mm to accommodate a glass packed column (not manufactured by Restek). Restek can supply stainless steel packed columns for Shimadzu GCs but the end-user should check their existing fittings and adaptors.


5 mm Ferrules

This concludes my series on ferrule selection. I hope the information has been beneficial.