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Food Industry FAME on FAMEWAX by EN14103 (2011)

PeakstR (min)Conc.
Structural Nomenclature
1.Methyl capronate3.6291.2C6:0
2.Methyl caprylate6.2371.2C8:0
3.Methyl caprate8.7871.2C10:0
4.Methyl undecanoate9.9710.6C11:0
5.Methyl laurate11.1051.2C12:0
6.Methyl tridecanoate12.1790.6C13:0
7.Methyl myristate13.2151.2C14:0
8.Methyl myristoleate13.5490.6C14:1 (cis-9)
9.Methyl pentadecanoate14.1960.6C15:0
10.Methyl pentadecenoate14.5240.6C15:1 (cis-10)
11.Methyl palmitate15.1521.8C16:0
12.Methyl palmitoleate15.3550.6C16:1 (cis-9)
13.Methyl margarate16.0520.6C17:0
14.Methyl heptadecenoate16.2610.6C17:1 (cis-10)
15.Methyl stearate16.9951.2C18:0
16.Methyl oleate17.1561.2C18:1 (cis-9)
17.Methyl elaidate17.1681.2C18:1 (trans-9)
18.Methyl linoleate17.5830.6C18:2 (all-cis-9,12)
PeakstR (min)Conc.
Structural Nomenclature
19.Methyl linolelaidate17.6410.6C18:2 (all-trans-9,12)
20.Methyl γ-linolenate17.8740.6C18:3 (all-cis-6,9,12)
21.Methyl nonadecanoate18.0522.0C19:0
22.Methyl α-linolenate18.2230.6C18:3 (all-cis-9,12,15)
23.Methyl arachidate19.0751.2C20:0
24.Methyl (Z)-11-eicosenoate19.2550.6C20:1 (cis-11)
25.Methyl 11,14-eicosadienoate19.7610.6C20:2 (all-cis-11,14)
26.Methyl eicosa-8,11,14-trienoate20.0460.6C20:3 (all-cis-8,11,14)
27.Methyl heneicosanoate20.1970.6C21:0
28.Methyl arachidonate20.2900.6C20:4 (all-cis-5,8,11,14)
29.Methyl 11,14,17-eicosatrienoate20.4880.6C20:3 (all-cis-11,14,17)
30.Methyl 5,8,11,14,17-eicosapentanoate21.0360.6C20:5 (all-cis-5,8,11,14,17)
31.Methyl behenate21.391.2C22:0
32.Methyl erucate21.5950.6C22:1 (cis-13)
33.Methyl docosadienoate22.1500.6C22:2 (all-cis-13,16)
34.Methyl tricosanoate22.5840.6C23:0
35.Methyl lignocerate23.8261.2C24:0
36.Methyl docosahexaenoate23.8630.6C22:6 (all-cis-4,7,10,13,16,19)
37.Methyl nervonate24.0550.6C24:1 (cis-15)
ColumnFAMEWAX, 30 m, 0.25 mm ID, 0.25 µm (cat.# 12497)
Standard/SampleFood industry FAME mix (cat.# 35077)
Methyl nonadecanoate (cat.# 35055)
Diluent:Standard cat.# 35055 was dissolved in toluene.
Inj. Vol.:1 µL split (split ratio 100:1)
Liner:Topaz 4.0 mm ID Precision inlet liner w/wool (cat.# 23305)
Inj. Temp.:240 °C
Oven Temp.:60 °C (hold 2 min) to 200 °C at 10 °C/min to 240 °C at 5 °C/min (hold 7 min)
Carrier GasH2, constant flow
Flow Rate:1.7 mL/min
DetectorFID @ 250 °C
InstrumentAgilent 7890B GC
NotesThis chromatogram is an overlay of two injections: food industry FAME standard (black) and C19:0 methyl ester in toluene (red). An excellent separation of C19:0 (used in EN 14103 as an internal standard) and the most prevalent FAMEs found in biodiesel blends was achieved. Note that C4:0 from the food industry FAME standard elutes in the solvent front.