Restek Named One of Region’s Healthiest Employers

Mike Perlozzo, Wellness Coordinator, accepts the Healthiest Employer Award

Restek was selected by the Healthiest Employers Awards as an employer committed to creating a healthy workplace.

The awards, administered by Springbuk, a healthcare data analytics software platform, honor organizations on a regional and national basis. Restek was selected as part of the Greater Philadelphia region, and Mike Perlozzo, Restek’s wellness coordinator, attended the ceremony on June 13 in Philadelphia. The company is also in the running to be selected as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America.

Restek employs three full-time wellness professionals who operate out of a recently built 17,000-square foot, top-of-the-line facility for employee-owners and their family members to enjoy fitness, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, yoga, and many other activities.

“We are proud to be able to offer employees and their families opportunities to improve their health and wellness, and grateful to have the support of our leaders in doing so,” Perlozzo said.

In addition to fitness, the wellness team recently instituted a nutrition coaching program in 2016, and the number of employees meeting nutrition guidelines rose from 9.8% to 19.7% in two years.

Restek also pays the testing costs for biometric screening onsite for employees and their spouses. These tests include a standard lipid panel, glucose, A-1C (for diabetes type I and II), and a PSA prostate cancer screening for men 45 and older.

Restek founder Paul Silvis started the Restek wellness program in the late 1980s in an empty space in the original building with just a universal weight machine and punching bag. In 2004, Restek hired its first full-time wellness coordinator; in 2005 the official Restek Wellness Program was introduced; and in 2017, its designated wellness center, Founder’s Point, was built. Restek is currently the only company in Centre County with full-time health and fitness trainers.

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Restek Celebrates Newest Home Dedication with Habitat for Humanity

“With the support of organizations like Restek our work is possible,” says Habitat executive director

When Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County (HFHGCC) dedicated its newest home on June 11, Restek Corporation received a special mention.

“With the support of organizations like Restek, our work is possible. Restek provided not only financial support, which is crucial to fund our safe and affordable housing, but also provided team members to our build site to give their time and talent. With the support of Restek, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County is able to make another house into a home for a deserving family in Centre County,” said Stephanie Fost, HFHGCC Executive Director.

The home, located in Bellefonte, marked more than 60 families placed by Habitat in Centre County. Volunteers gave more than 3,000 hours, and the future homeowners put in over 450 hours of their own sweat equity into the home.

Restek encourages its employees to volunteer and permits exchanging four hours of work for volunteer work each month. One of those volunteers for the home build was Jason Martin, a Restek senior purchasing agent.

“I feel fortunate to work for a company that encourages their employees to help in their community. This was a perfect opportunity for me to contribute directly to the community that I lived in most of my life. Habitat for Humanity is a great organization with a great purpose, run by extraordinary people that truly care about the families they are providing these homes for. I’m sure I speak for the entire Restek team when I say it was a very rewarding experience,” he said.

Restek’s relationship with HFHGCC began many years ago and is currently championed by Mike Wittrig, Senior Column R&D Manager.

“Research shows that when families own a home, it makes all the difference in the world and stabilizes their life. It’s great that Restek helps support something like that, and I’m happy to play a small role,” Wittrig said.

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Restek to Present on Whole Air Sampling at AIHce 2019

Restek is pleased to be a sponsor at AIHce 2019! Our industry experts will be part of the instructor team during a day-long personal development course (PDC) on whole air sampling. If you attend PDC 113, you’ll learn why it’s an excellent alternative to traditional sampling methods, and how it provides more options to address sampling locations, conditions, and objectives. You can find details about this PDC and a link to the course description below. Register now at:

If you are unable to attend the PDC, please stop by our booth to learn about Aura, a recently NIOSH-adopted technology for personal whole air sampling. We will gladly discuss how our collaborative research and development with Dr. Alan Rossner at Clarkson University resulted in a whole air sampling device that has now been written into NIOSH Method 3900!  We hope you can join us for this exciting conference on protecting workers’ health and to hear how our research and development have been contributing to this effort!

Stop by and visit us at booth# 1736!

Saturday, May 18 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC)
Room: 101A
PDC 113: Whole Air Sampling Techniques, Application, and Execution
Steve Kozel (instructor), Jason Herrington (instructor)

Description: Participants will learn why whole air sampling is an excellent alternative to traditional sampling methods. Whole air sampling provides more options to address sampling locations, conditions, and objectives. This course will provide the techniques and information necessary to make the transition to whole air sampling and use it effectively. Topics to be discussed are advantages and disadvantages of each sampler type, selecting the proper technique, laboratory analysis of whole air samples, evaluating the QC data and laboratory results, and how regulatory agencies view and use whole air sampling data.

Tuesday, May 21 (11:30 –11:55 a.m.)
Learning Pavilion – Expo Hall
Aura — A New Way to Capture Whole Personal Air Samples 
Steve Kozel (presenter), Jason Herrington (presenter), Mike Chang, Shelby Kunzi
For more information, email Steve Kozel

Abstract: Restek has developed a whole air sampling device that has now been written into NIOSH Method 3900, which is designed to capture a whole air sample in the breathing zone of a subject without requiring bulky, heavy, noisy pumps. Just attach the Aura personal air sampler (PAS) to an evacuated air sampling canister and begin sampling for up to 8 hours while also being able to interrupt sampling by disconnecting the Aura PAS at any time.

About Aura
The Aura personal air sampler from Restek is setting a new standard in sampling technology. This innovative passive sampling device is designed to meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements, while overcoming the limitations of sorbent tubes and badges. Notably, this quiet, robust sampler does not require a pump and manages variations in face velocity, temperature, and humidity better than traditional sampling approaches. Since this is a whole air sampling technique, it allows multiple analyses of >100 VOCs, providing broader application utility than analyte-specific sorbent techniques. The Aura personal air sampler has a wider effective range than tubes and badges—it is sensitive down to pptv levels and there is no risk of breakthrough even at ppmv levels. Comfortable to wear and easy to operate, this novel sampler features a simple, quick connection that starts and stops flow with no flow calibration required.

Learn more at

Come see us at AIHce 2019  or contact your Restek representative  for more information about Aura

Restek Employee-Owner Joins Editorial Board of Influential Cannabis Science Publication

Ashlee Gerardi joins Cannabis Science and Technology in an effort to advance the science of safety and potency testing in this growing industry

A new industry has bloomed, offering scientists a rare opportunity to build a field from the ground up, and Restek has already been helping.

In addition to Restek’s cannabis-specific products, applications, and support for cannabis testing labs, Ashlee Gerardi, Associate Business Development Manager at Restek, has joined the editorial advisory board of Cannabis Science and Technology. In her role, she will review articles submitted to the publication and provide additional insight and information on the cannabis testing industry by attending conferences and participating in trade association focus groups.

“I’m looking forward to advancing cannabis science and helping to ensure quality education continues to be found in the magazine,” she said. “Teaching this audience the fundamentals of chemistry and chromatography is vital to testing in this growing industry.”

Gerardi joined Restek in 2011, moving to Restek’s California office in 2013 as an R&D chemist. However, the demand for an additional business development manager was soon needed for the growing cannabis analysis industry, and Ashlee was eager to use her technical background and business knowledge to help Restek’s cannabis customers as an associate business development manager for the cannabis testing industry.

“Because the landscape is rapidly changing, one of the fastest-growing needs of the cannabis market is legitimacy. Our team at Restek provides consumables as well as testing solutions for product quality, potency, and safety analyses in the market,” she said.

Gerardi said the cannabis industry has a lot to offer adventurous scientists, as “there is still much of the cannabis plant that needs to be understood along with analytical challenges/pain points that remain to be solved,” adding that “Restek is supported by many knowledgeable scientists whom I interact with daily. Our team is constantly working to solve analytical pain points such as potency, terpenes, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and pesticide testing.”

By way of example, Ashlee noted that the recent November/December edition of Cannabis Science and Technology, Restek’s Justin Steimling, LC Solutions Applications Manager, wrote, “If product labels are to accurately reflect cannabinoid content, the complete sample composition must be considered in developing a robust and accurate analytical method.”

Gerardi said she keeps up with the wealth of cannabis knowledge through publications like Cannabis Science and Technology, but also through conferences and social media.

Gerardi still sees a lack of legitimacy in the cannabis market but says, “Restek is proud to have helped cannabis labs establish sound analytical practices from the beginning, and we will continue to be there for you every step of the way as the testing landscape changes.” In September 2019, she will attend the annual Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR, where she plans to give an oral presentation.

To read more from Ashlee about her experiences in the cannabis industry follow her on LinkedIn and follow Restek on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Detailed Efficiency Analysis of Columns with a Different Packing Quality and Confirmation via Total Pore Blocking

Author: David S. Bell

Restek Corporation

Published By: Journal of Chromatography A

Year of Publication: December 2018

Volume, Issue:Volumes 1581–1582



We report on a systematic study involving columns with a clearly different efficiency (4 distinct quality groups) obtained by packing the columns that were C18 bonded and end capped with a different carbon loading. Using B-term analysis (via peak parking) and theoretical models to estimate the magnitude of the Cm– and Cs-term contributions, it could be concluded that the difference in efficiency among the groups was entirely due to a difference in eddy dispersion. As such, the columns provided an ideal testing ground to verify how well the total pore blocking (TPB)-method can be used to probe differences in packing heterogeneity. In agreement with earlier literature observations, it turns out the TPB-method is much more sensitive to packing heterogeneities than the eddy dispersion (Heddy)-contribution measured under open-pore conditions via B- and C- term subtraction. Typically, differences in Heddy on the order of 0.1–0.5μm translate into a difference on the order of 0.5–2μm in the TPB mode. This confirms the TPB as a powerful technique to make very sensitive measurements of the homogeneity of packed beds.