Restek Is Presenting at NACRW 2020 Webinar

Though NACRW 2020 can’t be live and in-person this year, Restek is pleased to be part of its four-part webinar series.

Our own Joe Konschnik will be presenting the third webinar on “Unlocking the Mystery of Pesticides CRM Stability for Food Analysis,” on 13 October 2020, Tuesday, at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., EDT.

Joe will be discussing how to properly handle and store pesticide CRMs to help ensure stability for food analysis. More information on Joe’s webinar is listed below. Additional NACRW webinars feature Steven Lehotay discussing the QuEChERSER mega-method for analyzing pesticides, veterinary drugs, and environmental contaminants; Jens Anderson explaining an alternative practice and procedure for QA/QC and metrology; and Jo Marie Cook presenting a best practice guide for reference materials used in trace-level analysis.

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13 October 2020 Thursday, at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. EDT

Unlocking the Mystery of Pesticides CRM Stability for Food Analysis

Joe Konschnik (presenter), Jason Fisher, Landon Wiest, Jana Rousova Hepner, Karen Risha

There is a growing global need for pesticide residues testing in a wide variety of food commodities. In response to this need, testing laboratories must develop versatile analytical methods and workflows in order to produce scientifically sound results which ensure the safety of our food. One of the many challenges faced by food chemists is acquiring suitable pesticide certified reference materials (CRMs) to calibrate analytical equipment, monitor method performance and confirm the identity and concentration of hundreds of pesticide residues in food samples. Questions regarding the stability of pesticide CRMs abound among users and there’s a need to educate and inform the community. CRM producers invest considerable resources to ensure the stability of their products. The authors will present proper CRM handling and storage practices as guidance to ensure stability based on the results of several multiresidue pesticide stability studies. The results of three pesticide mix stability studies will be shown demonstrating what can be expected after pesticide mix ampuls are opened and stored for use, and also when mixed together for routine LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS laboratory analysis.


Attend Our Webinar on Analyzing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)

Concern over persistent organic pollutants, or POPs, only continues to grow. Analytically, these compounds also present a lot of challenges requiring consistency while achieving ultralow-level sensitivity. On Thursday, September 24, Restek’s Chris Rattray is presenting the webinar “Persistent Ongoing Perfection: Optimization of a GC-MS/MS Method for the Analysis of POPs Plus an Alternate Approach Utilizing High-resolution Mass Spectrometry” along with a team of industry experts as part of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Environmental Webinar Week.

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Restek Helps Italian University Students Launch Startup

The O-Zone Team from the University of Padua, Italy.

Restek is helping a team of students in Italy at the University of Padua that is building a device to analyze the air quality at different altitudes by donating gas sampling bags and other air sampling tools.

The O-Zone Team is a group of students interested in the environment who want to make a difference. Polluted cities and a lack of awareness of the resulting health effects inspired the students to begin building an inexpensive and easy-to-use device capable of analyzing the air at different heights. Several UniPD faculty are involved with the O-Zone team: Professor Alessandro Francesconi is responsible for the team’s project, Dr. Federico Toson is a team leader, and Dr. Antonino Pitarresi is responsible for contacting companies for participation in the project. The O-Zone team hopes to encourage companies and governments to use the device to take quick measurements of air pollution to help monitor factories and farms, protect nature reserves, and make assessments following natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and fires.

In February, these students reached out to Restek’s office in Italy for help turning their idea into a prototype. Stefano Ongarato, Restek’s sales manager in Italy, and Becky Wittrig, Restek’s vice president of sales in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, were excited to help the student scientists, not only with donations but also by offering advice and chemical expertise over video conference.

“They had really interesting ideas and we helped find ways to test them,” said Ongarato; “I’m looking forward to visiting their lab and helping even more this summer.”

In October, the O-Zone Team will launch their prototype into the air using a high-altitude BEXUS balloon as part of the REXUS/BEXUS project, which offers university students from across Europe the opportunity to carry out scientific and technological experiments on research rockets and balloons. Each year, two rockets and two balloons are launched, carrying up to 20 experiments designed and built by student teams.

The O-Zone Team’s device will collect air samples at different altitudes from the ground up to 35 kilometers in the air—which is four times the height of Mount Everest!

Said Pitarresi, “with these tools for testing our experiment, we can accomplish our mission of a cleaner planet. We thank Restek for the support of our mini-startup.”

To learn more about the O-Zone Team, visit

Restek Wins Science Video of the Year Award

Restek’s Nathaly Reyes Garcés, Colton Myers, and Ashlee Gerardi accept the award for Analytical Science Video of the Year

Leading science publisher SelectScience presented Restek with its Analytical Science Video of the Year Award during the annual Scientists’ Choice Awards on March 4. The ceremony was held at the Pittcon 2020 International Conference and Expo in Chicago.

The video features Restek scientists Dr. Nathaly Reyes Garcés and Colton Myers, and Business Development Manager, Ashlee Gerardi, sharing their expertise on cannabis testing workflows and method development.

The video can be found online here:

Now in its 13th year, the annual Scientists’ Choice Awards recognize the new technologies that have had the greatest impact on global scientific advancement. More scientists than ever became involved this year by nominating and voting online.

Last year, SelectScience presented Restek with its Reviewers’ Choice Award for Analytical Science Company of the Year in recognition of the array of positive feedback it received from customers leaving laboratory product reviews on its influential website.