Restek Presents Star Award to Pat Sandra at His HTC-12 / HTSP-2 Retirement Party

On February 3rd at HTC-12 / HTSP-2, a surprise party was organized for Professor Pat Sandra, who is retiring from Ghent University. A large number of scientists attended—friends, colleagues and coworkers from the many projects Pat has been involved with over the past 30 years. Famous chromatographers like Jacques Rijks, Carel Cramers, Milosz Novotny, and many others participated and offered stories.

Photo 1 (left to right): Peter Myers, Carel Cramers, Hernan Cortes, James Jorgenson, and Milosz Novotny

Photo 1 (left to right): Peter Myers, Carel Cramers, Hernan Cortes, James Jorgenson, and Milosz Novotny

Peter Myers shared a funny overview of Pat’s special preferences and also performed a song with the support of a famous choir (photo 1).

Pat received an award from the Pfizer group for his role in the Pfizer Research Center and the many students that have graduated under his coaching.

Photo 2: Jaap de Zeeuw handing over the Star award to Professor Sandra on behalf of Restek Corporation

Photo 2: In recognition of Pat’s many contributions and inspirations in the field of chromatography, Jaap de Zeeuw presents the Star award to Professor Sandra on behalf of Restek Corporation.

On behalf of Restek, Pat also received a Star Award for his contributions to the separation sciences and for inspiring young people to grow and innovate (photo 2).

For Pat, it was difficult to find the right words after being placed so suddenly in the spotlight, but he greatly appreciated the gesture. In his speech, Pat said he was looking forward. “I am quite ambitious,” he shared, “and I will continue with a new company called ‘PasaTiempo’.”  The “Pasa” refers to “Pat Sandra” and “Tiempo” to time. Pat promised to look into technologies that others “forget” or “do not want to think off.”  After all, Pat has always explored the gaps that often exist and that can open completely new insights in the separation sciences.

Photo 3: Pat Sandra and his wife Martina.

Photo 3: Pat Sandra and his wife Martina.

It was a very appropriate reception for a scientist that has made firm contributions to the science of microseparation technologies. We hope to keep seeing Pat and his wife Martina at future meetings and wish him luck.

Restek Celebrates 3 Years of Employee Ownership

25th Anniversary Group ShotOn December 31, 2008, Restek Corporation announced the purchase of all outstanding corporate shares, officially becoming 100% employee owned under an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) structure. The transition to 100% employee ownership was made to ensure both our long-term stability and the continuation of our unique customer-centric culture. In the years since, Restek employee-owners have continued to introduce innovative new products while increasing our technical expertise and taking every opportunity to live up to our reputation as the company chromatographers can rely on.

The prestigious General Social Survey (GSS) recently reported results that mirror Restek’s own beliefs and experience. The 2010 GSS showed that employees in the U.S. who had employee stock ownership were four times less likely to be laid off during the Great Recession than employees who did not. The survey also stated that only 13% of the employees with employee stock ownership intended to leave their companies in the coming months, compared with a rate of 24% for those lacking employee ownership. Restek truly values its employee-owners and has remained committed to employee retention and professional growth during the ongoing economic turmoil. In return, our talented employee-owners have largely chosen to remain here—just when our customers need us most!

Because Restek employees own the company, each one is truly a partner to our customers. We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products on a schedule that meets customers’ needs because they, in turn, want accurate, timely, problem-free analyses. Meeting and exceeding expectations for quality and on-time delivery provide a decided advantage for our customers. Superior technical support and sincere interest in new ideas further distinguish Restek employee-owners from those at traditional companies.

Restek remains an independent company. We take pride in supporting many instrument manufacturers and chromatography platforms, and we can do so because we are not tied to any single source. Our employees are empowered to make decisions based on sound technical theory and practice, and we strive to offer not only the most helpful, but also the most universal technologies, products, and customer solutions. Our recent success in achieving ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations is one more way for Restek’s employee-owners to showcase our excellent quality and performance.

When he began the company in 1985, Restek founder Paul Silvis envisioned a company that would strive to provide the highest quality, most innovative products throughout the world and would be surpassed by no one in providing Plus 1 service to customers. It was this philosophy that led to 100% employee ownership and Restek’s success. After all, when 300 people are invested in a company’s future as only owners can be, they will always push themselves toward new levels of innovation and customer satisfaction.