Analysts in China Can Now Work Directly With Restek

Restek Corporation has just announced the opening of a new subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China. The creation of this business entity will allow Restek to more efficiently support its established in-country distributors and their existing customers. In addition, Chinese chemists will now also have the option of working directly with Restek to order GC and LC columns and accessories, reference standards, sample preparation materials, and air sampling products!

This latest enterprise joins Restek subsidiaries in England, France, Germany, and Japan, as well as a robust distributor network that covers over 100 countries across six continents—all with the goal providing superior, cutting-edge chromatography products and world-class Plus 1 service through a local source.

Restek is eager to begin personally serving analysts throughout China. Visit the Restek China website at

Restek China

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