Restek Continues Global Expansion With the Acquisition of Superchrom

Effective May 31, 2013, Restek Corporation of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, has become a majority owner of Superchrom S.r.l., a well-known chromatography supply company in Milan, Italy.

Superchrom was founded in 1976 and has a rich history in the industry. Under the leadership of Sara Neri and Aldo Perissin, it grew into one of the most recognized and respected chromatography consumables providers in Italy. Known for its passion for excellent customer service, Superchrom will be a perfect fit in the Restek global network. The conversion from long-time distributor to Restek subsidiary will give Italian customers direct access to Restek’s innovative GC and LC columns and accessories, certified reference materials (CRMs), sample preparation materials, and air sampling products.

Mr. Carlo Ciocca, Sales and Marketing Director, will transition into the role of General Manager for this newly formed Restek enterprise. Superchrom joins Restek subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, and China, as well as a robust distributor network that covers over 100 countries across six continents—all with the goal of providing superior, cutting-edge chromatography solutions and world-class Plus 1 service through a local source.

In collaboration with the same excellent support team that Superchrom’s valued customers have come to rely on, Restek is eager to begin personally serving analysts throughout Italy. Our mission is to be the company that Italian chromatographers trust.

Evaluation of Dispersive and Cartridge Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cleanups for Multiresidue Pesticides in QuEChERS Extracts of Finished Tobacco Using GCxGC-TOFMS

Author(s): Michelle Misselwitz, Jack Cochran, and Julie Kowalski
Restek Corporation

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2013


Abstract: Tobacco is a high-value production crop for the United States and ranks 6th in the amount of pesticides applied per acre in American agriculture. Even after the processing of tobacco, some pesticide residues remain on the final product. We used the Quick–Easy–Cheap–Effective–Rugged–Safe (QuEChERS) sample preparation approach to isolate residues prior to analyzing pesticides in tobacco. We evaluated the cleanup efficacy and pesticide recoveries for different formulations of QuEChERS dispersive solid phase extraction (dSPE) cleanup and the more traditional cartridge solid phase extraction (cSPE) cleanup. Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry (GCxGC-TOFMS) was used to determine pesticide residues in the resulting extracts. The results of the cleanup evaluation indicated that the dSPE cleanup formulation with 7.5 mg of carbon (verses 50 mg) provided the best recovery of targeted pesticides. The average recoveries for the 500 ppb spike level and 50 ppb spike level were 92% (13% RSD) and 91 (22% RSD) respectively.


Chromatography Mastermind Campaign Earns American Inhouse Design Award

Graphic Design USA has presented Restek Corporation with a 2013 American Inhouse Design Award for its Chromatography Mastermind tradeshow materials. Of the 4,000+ entries submitted each year, only the top 15% gain acknowledgment through this prestigious competition. The GD USA contest “is the original and the biggest showcase for outstanding work by inhouse designers. For many years, it has provided an opportunity for inhouse designers to be recognized for their talent, for the challenges they face, and for their contributions to their businesses and institutions.” Restek is proud to accept this honor and would especially like to applaud graphic designer Barb Roan for her exceptional efforts on this project.

This multi-component Chromatography Mastermind campaign was initially created to publicize Restek’s presence at Pittcon 2013. Specifically, its goal was increasing awareness of the Chromatography Mastermind quiz, which was assembled by technical representatives across the company as a way for customers to test themselves while having fun and learning more about the various presentations being offered at the show. The app, mailer, e-mail, T-shirt, website advertisements, stickers, signage, app, and other pieces were so well received by attendees that the iPad app quiz will now be making an appearance at several other events throughout Restek’s 2013 conference schedule.

If you are a chromatographer looking to test your knowledge with some separation science brain teasers, visit to see where this exclusive app will be challenging analysts next. Restek’s technical experts will also be on-hand to assist you with your chromatography struggles—and of course, Restek products and support are always available at

Mastermind Campaign