Restek’s Olivier Griffaton Uses Plus 1 Spirit to Push His Limits at Work and Play

Olivier Restek France at Marseille TriathlonOlivier Griffaton, a Senior Technical Sales Representative for Restek France, recently completed the demanding Marseille Triathlon, which requires participants to swim 1.5 km, bike 40 km, and finally run 10 km around his home territory of scenic Marseille. When asked what drives him to run five semi-marathons each year and four marathons to date, Olivier responded, “I am interested in pushing my own limits and ameliorating them.”

It’s this drive to improve and exceed expectations that led Olivier to join the Restek team 6 years ago, and it’s why he proudly wears the Restek® logo when he competes. Whether he’s talking about the best brand of shoe for a long-distance run or the best Restek® product for a new application, Olivier’s dedication and energy continue to help him not only understand his customers and their needs, but also solve their analytical challenges.

Like Olivier, Restek is known throughout the global chromatography community for going the extra mile with Plus 1 customer service in addition to our top-performing chromatography solutions. To see for yourself how we can help you increase your throughput, lower your costs, or just generally make your job easier, contact Restek or your local Restek® representative today.

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Breathe New Life Into Your Old HPLC With Restek’s 5 μm Raptor™ Columns

Raptor™ SPP LC ColumnsWith the advent of superficially porous particles (SPP or “core-shell” particles), the analytical community found the ability to gain far more efficiency and speed out of existing HPLC instrumentation. However, with these efficiency gains came higher pressures that exceeded the capabilities of many legacy HPLCs. To solve this issue, Restek has released rugged Raptor™ SPP core-shell columns with 5 µm particles.

The Raptor™ 5 μm particle provides all of the benefits of an SPP particle—better efficiency, peak shapes, signal-to-noise ratios, and sensitivity over fully porous particles of the same dimension—but without the significant increase in pressure. The improved efficiency and sensitivity of these 5 μm particles over 3 or 5 μm fully porous particle columns help you easily and significantly speed up existing methods on systems that simply cannot handle smaller 2.7 μm core-shell particles.

If you are looking to increase sample throughput and productivity on your existing 400-bar HPLC system, 5 μm Raptor™ columns are a perfect choice. Raptor™ SPP core-shell columns are available in 2.7 and now 5 μm particles with the time-tested Restek® Biphenyl or new acid-resistant ARC-18 phases. Additional phases are coming soon and will launch with both particle sizes.

Learn more about Raptor™ columns and experience Selectivity Accelerated at

Speed Up and Simplify GC Method Development With Restek’s EZGC® Online Suite

EZGC™ Method Development SuiteWhether you are developing a new GC method or looking to reliably optimize an application, Restek’s EZGC® method development tools will save you hours of calculations, guesswork, and trial-and-error. These free, web-based applications are easily accessible by visiting — and Windows users can also download the newest component, the EZGC® method translator and flow calculator, for offline use.

The new EZGC® method translator and flow calculator makes it simple to switch carrier gases, change column dimensions or detectors, or to optimize a method for speed or efficiency. Simply enter your current method specifications and you will receive a full set of calculated method conditions that will provide similar chromatography. Results include oven program and run time as well as average velocity, flow rate, splitless valve time, and other control parameters—all in an easy-to-use, single-screen interface with seamless transfer between tools.

Already a favorite of analysts around the world, the EZGC® chromatogram modeler helps you develop a new method from scratch, including the column and conditions. Simply enter your analyte list to generate a customized, interactive model chromatogram that provides a specific phase, column dimension, and conditions. Zoom in, view chemical structures, and even overlay mass spectra of coeluting compounds.

On a PC or Mac, desktop or tablet, our EZGC® method development tools make it easy to tailor a perfect solution for your method development challenges.