Restek’s Corporate Capabilities Campaign Wins 2nd Consecutive Design Award

cc_package_prOver 4,000 applications were submitted, and Restek’s corporate capabilities campaign emerged in the front of the pack to be recognized with a Certificate of Excellence from the Graphic Design USA American Inhouse Design Awards. This is Restek’s second award in as many years, having won for our Chromatography Mastermind campaign in 2013; we would again like to congratulate our in-house Strategic Marketing Communications department and thank them for their hard work. For more information on the award and last year’s winner, visit

In creating this new campaign, Restek’s Marketing and Sales groups sought to give customers better insight into what our foundational capabilities are as a developer and manufacturer of GC and LC columns, reference standards, sample preparation materials, accessories, and more. We are scientists ourselves, so we don’t accept claims without data to support them, and we would expect nothing less from our customers. We believe that the information presented in these pieces—from our history, expertise, and manufacturing competencies to an exploration into the unique qualities and true benefits of using Restek products—will help analysts appreciate why Restek is the right choice for unbeatable Plus 1 customer service and top-quality, application-specific chromatography solutions.

To request copies of these award-winning brochures and learn more about how Restek can solve your chromatography challenges, increase your throughput, lower your costs, or just generally make your job easier, contact your local Restek representative today.

Separation Science Asia 2014 to Feature Restek Talks on Carrier Gas Choice and GC Injection Techniques

Jaap de Zeeuw

Jaap de Zeeuw

Separation Science Asia 2014 takes place in Biopolis, Singapore, on November 19 and 20. This year’s scientific program features a new format that will focus on comprehensive, tutorial-style presentations covering a combination of best practices, troubleshooting, and method development. Joining a select group of chromatography and mass spectrometry experts invited to speak, Restek’s International GC Specialist Jaap de Zeeuw will offer two presentations:

Considerations for Choosing a Different Carrier Gas in Gas Chromatography

Jaap de Zeeuw (presenter)
Restek Corporation

Abstract: Traditionally, the carrier gas used in GC is helium. There are, however, increased drivers to choose a different carrier gas. This can be nitrogen or hydrogen. Especially in the last few years, there has been a lot of discussion to use different carrier gases because of the delivery issues for helium.

For many applications, one can use nitrogen, but there is an impact on the chromatography. Hydrogen is also a good alternative, as it also allows much shorter run times. There are practical issues to consider in changing carrier gas. In this presentation, an overview of opportunities will be presented as well as the practical concerns that have to be dealt with. Changing carrier gas is one thing, but we do prefer the same separations (peak elution order). For this we need to understand the impact, so the right actions can be taken. That means that changing carrier gas must also followed by a change of analytical conditions, meaning not only the pressure and split/splitless settings, but also the oven temperature program.

Changing to nitrogen is possible, but it also has some serious implications that need to be considered.

GC Injection Techniques for Trace Analysis

Jaap de Zeeuw (presenter)
Restek Corporation

Abstract: In gas chromatography, 90% of the trouble we experience is related to the injection technique and the conditions used. If sample transfer is not optimized, the results will not be reliable. The goal is to understand the injection process and how to obtain a narrow injection band.

In this talk, the basics of the most popular injection techniques that are used in gas chromatography for trace analysis, like split, splitless, and large volume injection, will be discussed. Also, the selection of liners, retention gaps, and columns will be addressed so one can understand why and how they are used. All techniques will be explained using practical examples.

Restek is a proud sponsor of Separation Science Asia 2014, and our chromatography experts will be on hand to discuss our latest industry-leading GC and LC solutions. If you make the trip to Singapore, be sure to stop by the Restek booth to learn how we can solve your analytical challenges.

To view the schedule of Separation Science Asia 2014 talks and to register, visit today.

Eight Tips for Easy GC×GC

Author(s): Jack Cochran
Restek Corporation

Published By: The Analytical Scientist

Issue: #18 (0714)

Year of Publication: 2014


Abstract: Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography is often presented as extremely complicated. It isn’t. Here is some simple advice to help attract more users to the benefits.