Attend Restek’s SS AOAC Luncheon Workshop

This year at SS AOAC, in addition to being a proud sponsor, Restek is offering a luncheon workshop on method development and improvement using our free and easy EZGC® online tools. If you are planning to attend SS AOAC, we invite you to join presenter Rebecca Stevens for what is sure to be a valuable and enjoyable experience.

In addition, Restek’s Julie Kowalski will be presenting a poster on PAH analysis using a modified QuEChERS extraction and no sample cleanup.

Visit to read abstracts, easily contact the presenters, and access the SS AOAC website for additional event details.

Restek at SS AOAC

Split Injection GC: Inlet Liner Choice for Shoot and Dilute GC

Author(s): Jack Cochran
Restek Corporation

Published By: LCGC’s The Column

Issue: Volume 4, Issue 12

Year of Publication: 2016


For the full issue, visit

Abstract: Jack Cochran’s new column “Practical GC” provides readers with practical advice and new experimental evidence for how to get the best results from their gas chromatography (GC) systems. The next installment looks at GC inlet liner choice for “shoot and dilute” GC.

Optimize Analysis of Polar and Coeluting VOCs in Whole Air Canister Samples Using an Rtx®-VMS GC Column

Author(s): Jason S. Herrington, Ph.D.
Restek Corporation

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2016


Abstract: Since Method TO-15 is a performance-based method for analyzing VOCs in whole air canister samples, labs have the option to use any GC column that meets performance criteria. Shorter columns can be used to reduce analysis times and stationary phases that separate difficult coelutions can be selected. After evaluation of a wide variety of columns, the Rtx®-VMS column offers the best overall performance and is particularly recommended when polar or coeluting compounds are included in the list of target analytes.