Analysis of Gases via Gas Chromatography: Part 2: Sulfur Gases

Author: Jaap de Zeeuw
Restek Corporation

Published By:  J. Sep. Sci.

Year of Publication: 2016


Sulfur components are widely present in many raw materials used for hydrocarbon processing. The sulfur components are undesirable because they have a strong smell, they cause acidic rain, they poison (expensive) catalysts and reduce polymer yields. Most problematic sulfur gases are hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide (COS) and methyl-ethyl mercaptans. These compounds have to be measured at ppb levels. Besides that sulfur gases are volatile, they are also are very reactive. Systems for trace sulfur analysis must be very inert from the sampling device to GC setup to measure reproducible values at ppb levels.

Restek Offers First and Only Complete CRMs for EPA Method 525.3

525 3_PR_imageRestek has just released the only certified reference materials (CRMs) developed specifically for EPA Method 525.3. These standards include all the required analytes and no unnecessary compounds, and they are formulated to provide maximum stability in concentrations convenient for dilution. Restek® CRMs are manufactured and QC-tested in our ISO-accredited labs and are quantitatively tested to confirm composition and ensure quality. The new 525.3 standards join Restek’s existing 525.2 standards, so a complete, specially formulated standards set is now available for both versions of the method.

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Split Injection GC: Setting the Split Ratio in Shoot-and-Dilute GC

Author(s): Jack Cochran
Restek Corporation

Published By: LCGC’s The Column

Issue: Volume 12, Issue 8

Year of Publication: 2016


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Abstract: Jack Cochran’s new column “Practical GC” provides readers with practical advice and new experimental evidence for how to get the best results from their gas chromatography (GC) systems.  This installment looks at understanding and using split ratio for “shoot and dilute” GC.

The Practical Chemist: Calibration – The Foundation of Quality Data

Author: Amanda Rigdon
Restek Corporation

Published By: Cannabis Industry Journal

Year of Publication: 2016


Abstract: This column is devoted to helping cannabis analytical labs generate valid data right now with a relatively small amount of additional work. The topic for this article is instrument calibration – truly the foundation of all quality data. Calibration is the basis for all measurement, and it is absolutely necessary for quantitative cannabis analyses including potency, residual solvents, terpenes, and pesticides.