Set Your Sights on Superior Performance with Restek PAL SPME Arrow and Test Mix

SPME Arrows and Test MixTraditional SPME fiber technology has some significant drawbacks including poor mechanical stability and a small phase volume. The Restek PAL SPME Arrow system is a revolutionary change in microextraction that combines exceptional robustness with faster extraction times and trace-level sensitivity. In contrast to traditional SPME fibers, SPME Arrows contain significantly more phase volume, which allows more target analyte to be extracted in less time, significantly increasing sample throughput. In addition, the stainless steel construction, unique Arrow tip, inner stabilizing rod, and outer sheath design fully protect the phase, minimizing both analyte loss and mechanical damage. Use with our new SPME test mix to ensure performance after each installation. This mix is a certified reference material (CRM) with verified composition and stability.


Pyrethrins CRM Added to Restek Single-Compound Standards List for Improved Analysis of Difficult Pesticides

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Troublesome pesticides can be analyzed more easily and accurately with single-compound standards from Restek. We’ve just added a new pyrethrins CRM to our inventory, so individual reference standards are now available for dicofol, metribuzin, bromacil, lenacil, dodine, anilazine, captan, folpet, and pyrethrins. Use these standards to simplify method development, establish instrument detection limits (IDLs), verify performance, test stability, and resolve degradation issues. Isomeric in nature, the pyrethrins neat material contains the following isomers: cinerin I and II, jasmolin I and II, and pyrethrin I and II. Isomer ratios for each lot are given in elution order on the certificate. Restek is your one-stop shop for accurate, reliable pesticides analysis. We are the only reference standard provider that offers everything you need from sample prep to LC and GC columns
and consumables.

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Preventing GC Septum Problems

Author: Mark Badger, Scott Grossman

Restek Corporation

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2017



Handy tips for choosing the right septum for your application and instrument. Includes an overview of common GC septum problems, such as coring and bleed. Guidelines help you avoid extraneous peaks and optimize your system’s performance.

EZGC Online Tools Now in Multiple Languages

GC method development just got easier for scientists all around the globe.
Restek’s EZGC online method development tools are now available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Japanese, and Chinese languages. No matter where you are in the world, EZGC software lets you develop new GC methods in minutes directly from your desk and optimize or modify existing methods reliably and without guesswork. Increase your productivity with our free, easy-to-use EZGC online software—it saves time, increases certainty, and is now available in multiple languages.


Overview of Restek’s EZGC Online Tools
New Pro EZGC Chromatogram Modeler
This new and improved version of our popular EZGC chromatogram modeler for polymer capillary columns is just as simple to use as the original, but it has been updated and now offers advanced options that give you more control. Based on user feedback, the new Pro EZGC chromatogram modeler lets you do the following:
• Start with either the column you have or a column recommended by the program.
• Select compounds from our libraries or bring your own list.
• Target specific compounds for resolution.
• Alter the GC conditions to optimize your model quickly and easily.
• Repeatedly refine the temperature program.
• Switch carrier gases.
• Change the control method (constant flow, pressure, or linear velocity).
• View elution temperatures in the peak list.
• See results for multiple phases.

EZGC Method Translator and Flow Calculator
The EZGC method translator and flow calculator tools make it simple to switch carrier gases, change column dimensions or control parameters, or to optimize a method for speed or efficiency. Simply enter your method specifications and the program will return a full set of calculated method conditions that will provide similar chromatography. Use the EZGC method translator and flow calculator tool to optimize your analysis for speed so you can increase sample throughput!

Keep Your LC Running Smoothly with New Accessories from Restek

Simplify maintenance with the latest LC accessories from Restek. Reusable EXP2 HPLC/UHPLC fittings allow repeated 20,000+ psi seals to be easily made without wrenches. The patented titanium/PEEK ferrule provides zero-dead-volume connections without compromising high-pressure seals. Their compact design makes them perfect for tight spaces, such as small oven compartments and six-port injection valves. In addition, Restek now offers Opti-Max check valves, which provide exceptional performance and reliability while being easy to install and replace. Opti-Max check valves feature Free-Turn housings, which allow the valve to be removed with the tubing still attached, making maintenance fast and reducing fitting wear. Opti-Max check valves are made using rugged stainless steel cartridge bodies with a ceramic ball and seat to ensure longevity in harsh acetonitrile environments.

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