Using Method Detection Limits to Set Mandatory Reporting Limits for Banned Pesticides: How a Public-Private Partnership Improved Cannabis Regulation in Colorado

Author(s): Joseph Konschnik1, Heather Krug2, Shawn Kassner3
1. Restek Corporation, 2. Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), 3. Neptune and Company, Inc.

Published By: Cannabis Science and Technology

Issue: 1

Year of Publication: 2018


Abstract: The discovery of nonregistered pesticides contamination in cannabis plant material in Colorado prompted the need to set mandatory reporting limits (MRLs) for these pesticides in the state to ensure public safety. Since then, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) undertook the responsibility for setting such MRLs. Colorado’s novel approach to determine MRLs for each pesticide involved forming a working group with its in-state laboratories and expert volunteers to agree on analytical procedures to determine method detection limits (MDLs) using an industry-standard approach. The authors describe how this approach formed a collaborative public-private partnership where state government agencies worked side by side with laboratories and growers toward a common goal. The multilaboratory study was completed yielding MDLs for 13 pesticides in cannabis flowers using a QuEChERS (quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged, and safe) extraction with analysis by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The authors share the procedures used for the study, an overview of the data generated by the participating laboratories, and the new Colorado MRLs, which became effective on January 1, 2018.

New MOSH/MOAH Retention Time Standard Ensures Easy, Accurate Integration

Restek is pleased to announce the launch of a new standard formulation that was developed specifically for methods that couple LC with GC-FID to determine mineral oil hydrocarbon contaminants that migrate from processing equipment and packaging into food. This 10-component mix contains both mineral oil saturated hydrocarbon (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbon (MOAH) markers that are used to accurately identify GC retention time limits for integration. The new standard complements an existing Restek mix that is used to correctly cut the LC fractions for subsequent GC-FID analysis. Both standards are certified reference materials (CRM) manufactured and QC-tested in ISO-accredited labs.

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Restek Recognized for Outstanding Retirement Benefits

Nearly 90 percent of employees are on target to reach retirement goals at the Bellefonte-based company 

Restek is pleased to announce it has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Plan Sponsor of the Year award by PLANSPONSOR magazine. The award is given to companies that show a commitment to employees’ financial health and retirement success.

“We’re proud to be nominated for this prestigious national award,” Bryan Wolcott, Restek president, said. “Securing a comfortable retirement for employees is an essential part of running a responsible company, and we’re committed to offering top-tier benefits and the best educational opportunities available.”

Restek was nominated by its financial advising partners in the category of corporate 401(k)s with assets between $10 and $50 million.

It is a continuation of success for Restek, which was also awarded ESOP Company of the Year from The Pennsylvania Delaware Chapter of The ESOP Association in 2017.

According to industry standards, employees need retirement income equal to 70 percent of their final employment earnings. At Restek, more than 89% of employees are approaching or on target to reach their retirement goals.

“Our main goal now is to get the other 10 percent there,” said Chris Marshall, VP of Human Resources.

More than 96 percent of the company participates in Restek’s retirement program with employees deferring an average of 8.5 percent of their paycheck toward retirement, which is above the average deferral rate in the U.S. of 6 percent.

In order to prepare its employees, Restek offers one-on-one counseling with financial advisors every month during work hours; these advisors work with employees to calculate their retirement score based on a full financial picture, not just their 401(k).

It has been a methodical and cultural shift the company has worked towards since establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in 2008. In 2017, Restek switched its 401(k) service provider to Principal Financial, a widely recognized industry leader for ESOP consultation and recordkeeping. Morgan Stanley managed the search process and then was hired as a plan fiduciary, advising employees on personalized planning and Restek on the overall retirement platform.

In addition to Restek, Midwest Family Mutual Insurance Company of Chariton, Iowa; United Hardware Distributing Company of Plymouth, Minnesota; and Uponor North America of Apple Valley, Minnesota, were also selected as finalists.

The winner will be announced on March 29.

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Restek Meets Milestone in Employee Safety

On March 10, Restek reached a significant new landmark: one million safe hours worked! By achieving so many consecutive hours without an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work, Restek demonstrated its ongoing commitment to safety as a top corporate goal.

Bryan Wolcott, President and Head Coach, said, “Our people are our most important resource, and our mission here is to ensure that they end the day as healthy as they started the day. As employee-owners, we want everyone to go home as healthy as when they came in so that they can enjoy their families, be active in the community, and continue to help Restek grow.”

One million safe hours is no small feat, but it is achievable when safety is prioritized and people work together to promote it. According to Mike Straw, EHS Manager, Restek has programs in place that drive engagement in safe behaviors, which is the cornerstone to injury prevention. Says Straw, “An achievement like this is truly a group effort. It takes each and every employee making a daily personal commitment to safety in order to make it happen.”

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High-Throughput Analysis of Cannabinoids by LC-UV

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2018


Abstract: This simple, isocratic LC-UV analysis of cannabinoids provides complete resolution of 16 cannabinoids, allowing accurate quantitative potency and profile data to be reported. All compounds are separated to baseline in a fast, 9-minute analysis, making this method suitable for high-throughput cannabis testing labs.