Educational Opportunities for Cannabis Analysis

Are you involved or interested in cannabis testing? Then you won’t want to miss these upcoming events that are specially designed to help you build expertise and confidence in the lab!


Chromatography Foundations for Cannabis Labs

Thursday, June 7, 2018 (12:30 EDT)

This free webinar provides a comprehensive look at chromatography approaches for cannabis analysis. Speaker Scott Grossman will lead you through the foundations of chromatography, variables that can have an effect on resolution, and effective troubleshooting methodology. The event will conclude with a live Q&A session where Scott will field questions. Can’t make it? Register now and receive an on-demand link after the event so you can watch it later at your leisure.

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Cannabis & Hemp Science Seminar Series

Friday, June 15, 2018

This full-day conference in Vancouver brings together stakeholders who will provide insight into the cannabis growing, testing, and manufacturing industry in Canada. Speakers will cover a breadth of topics ranging from analytical approaches to lab infrastructure to proficiency testing. Restek’s Ashlee Reese will present an LC-UV analysis of 16 cannabinoids in CBD oils.

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Diagnosing and Preventing High Back Pressure in LC Systems

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2018



High backpressure is one of the most common problems encountered in LC systems. Here, we review the typical causes, give tips on troubleshooting, and provide details on routine maintenance parts and practices that can help you avoid unplanned instrument downtime.

Restek Hosts Car Competition During Bring Your Child to Work Day

More than 40 children of Restek employees filled the gym to build and race battery-powered cars during Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Six middle schoolers eyed one another silently as they set their racecars on the starting line in Restek’s gymnasium and waited for the countdown.

Restek presents a $1500 contribution to KidTech. The donation will help the nonprofit host events around Centre County that expose kids to science, technology, engineering, and math.

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

Letting go, the rear wheels gripped the floor and began moving the 8 oz., battery-powered vehicles. Two of the cars immediately veered sharply to the left and two struggled to accelerate, while two others roared ahead, crossing the finishing line neck and neck.

“It’s all in how much care they put into the details,” Liz Kisenwether, founder and president of KidTech said, explaining why the six different cars acted so differently during the race.

The nonprofit organization was onsite at Restek on April 26 for its annual Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Restek formed a relationship with KidTech this year through a shared interest in exposing elementary and middle school kids to science.

“It’s a lot of fun organizing this event every year,” Brian Yangula, a process improvement engineer at Restek, said.

In past years, Restek created CSI mysteries to solve and hosted manufacturing tours. This year, more than 40 kids filled the gym with their automotive creations and were testing them in races and obstacle courses before heading to lunch. Yangula thanked those on the committee, including Brittany Varner, Chris English, Jesse King, Christina Hill, Adam Clark, Alexandria Pavkovich, Samantha Reichart, Jerimiah Etters, and Lori Dundon.

“It’s great to bring my son here and show him what I do,” Greg Hargrove, a Restek chemical engineer, said. “He’s really into math and science and this is a great opportunity to build something technical and fun.”

This was the third time Fiona Dundon and Anna Marcovitch had built a car, so they spent most of their time that day helping others.

“It’s really hard to get the gear onto the axle,” Fiona said. “You have to sand it down to make it smooth and really push hard to get it on there.”

The girls are members of the Tech Club at the local Delta Program Middle School and were part of the reason KidTech was introduced to Restek.

“I loved what KidTech was doing so I wanted to see if we could help,” said Fiona’s mom, Lori Dundon, a marketing manager at Restek.

Restek donates to dozens of causes, projects, and nonprofits focused on science throughout the year, including the Girl Scouts STEM expos, Penn State’s Science U and Discovery Space. On this day, KidTech also received a donation of $1500 so it could host more events around Centre County like the one at Restek.

“It’s cool that a local company understands that kids need to get exposed to science early,” Kisenwether said. “Restek’s support is a huge help with our mission.”

For more information about KidTech, visit

A Love of Fly-Fishing Leads to 20 Years of Volunteerism at Restek

Restek Senior Industrial Engineer Steve Kreiser holds the award given to Restek from The Youth Service Bureau (YSB) at its annual gathering. Steve has volunteered his time to YSB for more than 20 years supporting its “On the Fly” fundraiser.

Centre County, Pennsylvania is renowned for its fly-fishing. It’s one of the reasons so many of Restek’s employees are seen in the streams after work and on the weekend. Interestingly, that love of sport has also led to a 20-year relationship with a local nonprofit focused on ensuring that children realize their full potential.

At its annual gathering on May 1, The Centre County Youth Service Bureau (YSB) presented Restek with an award for its charitable contributions and volunteerism. The company was recognized as a foundation level donor in calendar year 2017.

“We’ve been involved with Restek for probably two decades and are grateful for everything they do,” Andrea Fisher, CEO at the YSB, said.

The relationship began when Steve Kreiser, a senior industrial engineer at Restek, learned of YSB’s fly-fishing fundraiser called “On the Fly” and was encouraged by Restek to help out more than 20 years ago—Kreiser will celebrate his 21st year at Restek in 2018.

“I just thought it was a really cool and unique kind of fundraiser. Plus, having a few hours to fly-fish on Spruce Creek is like the holy grail,” he said.

Kreiser began helping during the event and has stayed involved ever since. Today, he serves on the board of the directors at YSB and chairs the fly-fishing fundraiser. “It’s one of those magical things where what I do for a living and what I love to do meet together,” he said.

Many Restek employees have also been involved with YSB over the years. Employees at Restek are encouraged to volunteer in the community and can use up to four hours per month to volunteer during work.

Private donations from individuals, businesses, and other groups make up 15 percent of YSB’s overall budget. In 2017, 871 distinct individuals and businesses donated charitable dollars to YSB. Fisher said the agency relies on these contributions to fund programs, like its neighborhood outreach prevention services. This program goes into areas of Centre County and engages directly with the youth that live there with crafts, games, and lessons on how to access food, shelter, and free counseling.

On the Fly will be held this year on May 14. For more information about Centre County Youth Service Bureau, visit

New UHPLC Guard Cartridges Deliver Ultimate Protection for Restek’s 1.8 μm Raptor Columns

Raptor 1.8 μm LC columns unleashed superior Raptor performance on UHPLC analyses, and now Restek has released EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges made specifically for Raptor 1.8 μm columns.

These new guards provide extreme protection from particulates and matrix contamination, extend the lifetime of already rugged and long-lasting Raptor columns, and are proven to withstand the same UHPLC pressures as their analytical column counterparts. UltraShield filters are available for filtering out particulates, minimizing extra column volume, and maximizing sample throughput when using SPE, SLE, or other extensive sample preparations—but new Raptor EXP UHPLC guard column cartridges are an especially valuable alternative when using dilute-and-shoot or other minimal sample preparation techniques.

Further extend the life of your 1.8 μm Raptor UHPLC columns today at