Simplify Your Workflow with RAVEqc Quick-Connect Air Valves

New RAVEqc quick-connect air valves from Restek are a tool-free alternative to bellows/diaphragm valves that reduce the time and variability associated with connecting air canisters to other devices. Standard bellows/diaphragm valves rely on compression fittings to connect air cans to flow controllers, autosamplers, cleaners, and other equipment commonly used to collect and analyze air samples. While compression fittings are tried-and-true, they also require more time and greater skill to ensure the connections are not overtightened, cross threaded, or leaking, which can cause damage, reduce valve lifetime, and result in sample loss.

RAVEqc quick-connect air valves eliminate that risk by providing a means of making the connection and opening the valve in one tool-free, consistent process that means anyone and everyone can successfully use them. Whether you need to replace your existing bellows/diaphragm valves or want the extra security of using two valves in tandem to better protect your samples, RAVEqc quick-connect air valves are a tool-free, easy-to-use option that will make air sampling and analysis much easier.

Restek Receives the Operational Excellence Platinum Level Achievement Award at the Avantor Americas Sales Meeting

It was an exciting surprise to hear Restek called to the stage during the Avantor Americas sales meeting in Nashville when the distribution partner honored Restek with a Platinum Level Achievement Award for Operational Excellence.

Within moments, the Restek team was on stage at the Grand Ole Opry standing in the famed circle for photos. The award recognizes Restek for its commitment to enrichment, willingness to work with the Avantor team, quality assurance, and shipping performance.

“It takes everyone at Restek to provide customers, like Avantor, with the Restek Customer Experience,” said Trent Sprenkle, Restek Americas Sales Manager.

Sprenkle also thanked Melissa Decker for the key role she has played in building the relationship between Avantor and Restek as the Americas Distribution Manager.

“This couldn’t have been achieved without the dedication of everyone in the Restek family. Thank you all for your hard work, excellent Plus 1 service, and everyday efforts to support our distribution partners and customers. I am very proud to be part of such a great group of people!” Decker said.

“Melissa and I were lucky enough to experience receiving the award, and it’s times like this when I feel very fortunate and proud to be part of the Restek family,” Sprenkle said.