The Effects of LC Particle Choice on Column Performance: 2.7 vs. 5 µm Diameter Superficially Porous Particles (SPP)

Author(s): Sharon Lupo, Ty Kahler, and Paul Connolly
Restek Corporation

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2014


Abstract: Restek’s Raptor™ LC columns feature superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or “core-shell” particles) and are available in both 2.7 and 5 µm particle sizes, giving analysts greater flexibility. However, it may not always be clear which particle size to choose. In this technical note, we will examine the differences in efficiency, sensitivity, and pressure between Raptor™ LC columns packed with 2.7 vs. 5 µm particles and provide advice on making the appropriate LC particle choice.