New EU 15+1 PAH Standard Offers High Stability and Dilution Flexibility

EU15+1PAHstandards_CRMRestek is pleased to announce the release of a new EU 15+1 PAH reference standard for the analysis of PAHs in food and environmental samples. Formulated to contain the 16 major European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) PAH compounds, this new high concentration (100 μg/mL) blend can be diluted as needed to make economical fortification and calibration mixes. Our formulations chemists prepared this standard in toluene, as its lower volatility helps ensure longer shelf life, more accurate results, and suitability with both GC and LC methods. In addition, its broad solvent miscibility makes it compatible with acetonitrile, which is the QuEChERS solvent. In addition, being manufactured and QC-tested in Restek’s ISO-accredited labs means this standard will also help satisfy strict ISO requirements for the use of CRMs. This new standard is the latest addition to Restek’s expanding suite of products for PAH analysis. Restek also offers specialty GC and LC columns (Rxi®-PAH, Pinnacle® DB PAH, and Pinnacle® II PAH), certified reference standards, Q-sep® QuEChERS salts, Resprep® SPE cartridges, and other products for high-quality chromatographic separations of critical polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.