Split Injection GC: Setting the Split Ratio in Shoot-and-Dilute GC

Author(s): Jack Cochran
Restek Corporation

Published By: LCGC’s The Column

Issue: Volume 12, Issue 8

Year of Publication: 2016

Link: http://www.chromatographyonline.com/split-injection-gc-setting-split-ratio-shoot-and-dilute-gc

For the full issue,visit http://images2.advanstar.com/PixelMags/lctc/digitaledition/May06-2016-us.html#11

Abstract: Jack Cochran’s new column “Practical GC” provides readers with practical advice and new experimental evidence for how to get the best results from their gas chromatography (GC) systems.  This installment looks at understanding and using split ratio for “shoot and dilute” GC.