Going to ExTech/ISSS 2016? Attend the Restek / CTC Analytics Workshop on #SPME Technology

SPME_CRMIn addition to being in booth #2C to discuss how Restek’s GC & LC columns and accessories, sample preparation, reference standards, and other chromatography solutions can benefit your lab, we are partnering with CTC Analytics to present a workshop on solid phase microextraction (SPME) technology. If you will be in Poland for ExTech/ISSS, we invite you to attend:

Sunday, July 3 / 10:00–13:00 / Faculty of Chemistry, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń
Sample Preparation Workflow Automatization — Advances in SPME Technologies
Presenters: Gary Stidsen (Restek Corporation), Mevio Heierli (CTC Analytics)

Registration begins at 9:00

With patents for SPME fibers maturing, there are new opportunities to make improvements in SPME fiber polymers and fiber construction. This has led to improvements in automation technologies, allowing laboratories to be more efficient and improve data quality. This workshop will focus on SPME technology improvements and how new technologies are being used in automation to reduce manual sample prep and improve data quality. The following topics will be discussed:

a) SPME fiber improvements.
b) New SPME Arrow technology.
c) Moving from manual to automated integrated laboratory workflows.
d) Improving reproducibility and reliability through laboratory automation.

For more information, visit the ExTech/ISSS website at www.extech-isss2016.pl/workshops