Keep Your LC Running Smoothly with New Accessories from Restek

Simplify maintenance with the latest LC accessories from Restek. Reusable EXP2 HPLC/UHPLC fittings allow repeated 20,000+ psi seals to be easily made without wrenches. The patented titanium/PEEK ferrule provides zero-dead-volume connections without compromising high-pressure seals. Their compact design makes them perfect for tight spaces, such as small oven compartments and six-port injection valves. In addition, Restek now offers Opti-Max check valves, which provide exceptional performance and reliability while being easy to install and replace. Opti-Max check valves feature Free-Turn housings, which allow the valve to be removed with the tubing still attached, making maintenance fast and reducing fitting wear. Opti-Max check valves are made using rugged stainless steel cartridge bodies with a ceramic ball and seat to ensure longevity in harsh acetonitrile environments.

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