A Simple Way to Reduce Analysis Time in GC

Author: Jaap de Zeeuw

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2018

Link: https://www.labcompare.com/10-Featured-Articles/350677-A-Simple-Way-to-Reduce-Analysis-Time-in-GC/


There are several ways to decrease analysis time in GC. Reducing analysis time depends on the separations between the peaks of interest. In the case of enough separation, some efficiency can be traded for speed by:

  1. Using a shorter column length
  2. Operating the column at a higher flow rate or using flow programming to elute late-eluting compounds.

If the same efficiency is required, options are to:

  1. Use a faster carrier gas, i.e., hydrogen instead of helium
  2. Use a shorter capillary with a smaller bore—this produces similar efficiency with shorter run times.

In all of the above situations, analysis time is also limited by the maximum temperature programming that is allowed for the instrument used.