Join Restek at the Forensic Science Symposium Offered by Shimadzu

Wednesday, August 22, 2018, Shimadzu, 7100 Riverwood Drive, Columbia, MD 21046

Join Restek for a day of science at Shimadzu’s upcoming Forensic Science Symposium. This event will consist of scientific talks from collaborators at a crime laboratory, police department, medical examiner’s office, and key standards providers. These presentations will cover how GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, and the CLAM-2000 automated sample prep module for LC-MS are used in a forensic environment and how they are adapting to new challenges in today’s society. Below is a tentative schedule of events for the day.



9:00 a.m.              LC Column Selection for Forensic Applications, Frances Carroll, Restek Corporation

10:00 a.m.           Forensic Toxicology at the Federal Aviation Administration, Kacey Cliburn, Federal Aviation Administration

11:00 a.m.           Coffee/Tea Break

11:30 a.m.           Method Development and Validation of Various Designer Drugs Using LCMS-8060, Alex Giachetti, Miami Dade Medical Examiner

12:30 p.m.           Lunch

1:30 p.m.             Controlled Substances by GC-MS, TBD

2:30 p.m.             Developing Analytical Standards in a Rapidly Changing World, Sebastian Buchert, Cayman Chemical

3:30 p.m.             Coffee/Tea Break

4:00 p.m.             Automated Sample Preparation Using CLAM-2000 for Forensic Toxicology Applications, Josh Emory, Application Scientist, Shimadzu

5:00 p.m.             Wrap-Up


Please register by Friday, August 17 at

Lunch will be provided. Please specify any food allergies.