A Novel Solution for Vitamin K1 and K2 Analysis in Human Plasma by LC-MS/MS

Author: Shun-Hsin Liang and Frances Carroll

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2018

Link: http://www.restek.com/Technical-Resources/Technical-Library/Clinical-Forensic-Toxicology/cft_CFAN2934-UNV

Abstract: Vitamin K1 and K2 analysis is typically complex and time-consuming because these lipophilic vitamins occur at low levels and are subject to matrix interference, particularly from phospholipids. The new method established here provides fast, accurate, and precise vitamin K levels in plasma using a simple phospholipid removal procedure and a sensitive 4-minute LC-MS/MS analysis on a Raptor Biphenyl column, making it suitable for high-throughput testing.Quantitative analysis of bile acids in plasma is critical for diagnosing liver disease as well as assessing drug safety. Accurate reporting can be difficult because of analyte characteristics, matrix effects, and other factors. Here, we establish a rapid, robust, and selective LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of bile acids in human plasma using a Restek Raptor C18 column. One of the significant improvements over other reported methods was the baseline separation of all 17 bile acids in 6 minutes including three isomer groups.