LC–MS Sensitivity: Practical Strategies to Boost Your Signal and Lower Your Noise

Author(s): Sharon Lupo
Restek Corporation

Published By: LCGC North America

Issue: Volume 36, Issue 9

Year of Publication: 2018


Abstract: Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC–MS) has become the preferred analytical technique for many challenging assays based on its selectivity, sensitivity, and broad applicability to compounds of varying polarity. Despite the advantages of the technique, the complexity of LC–MS systems often leaves analysts struggling to meet method detection limits. In this installment of “Column Watch,” several strategies are discussed to improve method sensitivity through the reduction of contaminants, the careful selection of LC method conditions, and the optimization
of MS interface settings. By understanding the relationship between these parameters and ionization efficiency, analysts can enhance their signal-to-noise ratio and realize the hidden potential of the LC–MS technique.