Restek to Present on Whole Air Sampling at AIHce 2019

Restek is pleased to be a sponsor at AIHce 2019! Our industry experts will be part of the instructor team during a day-long personal development course (PDC) on whole air sampling. If you attend PDC 113, you’ll learn why it’s an excellent alternative to traditional sampling methods, and how it provides more options to address sampling locations, conditions, and objectives. You can find details about this PDC and a link to the course description below. Register now at:

If you are unable to attend the PDC, please stop by our booth to learn about Aura, a recently NIOSH-adopted technology for personal whole air sampling. We will gladly discuss how our collaborative research and development with Dr. Alan Rossner at Clarkson University resulted in a whole air sampling device that has now been written into NIOSH Method 3900!  We hope you can join us for this exciting conference on protecting workers’ health and to hear how our research and development have been contributing to this effort!

Stop by and visit us at booth# 1736!

Saturday, May 18 (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC)
Room: 101A
PDC 113: Whole Air Sampling Techniques, Application, and Execution
Steve Kozel (instructor), Jason Herrington (instructor)

Description: Participants will learn why whole air sampling is an excellent alternative to traditional sampling methods. Whole air sampling provides more options to address sampling locations, conditions, and objectives. This course will provide the techniques and information necessary to make the transition to whole air sampling and use it effectively. Topics to be discussed are advantages and disadvantages of each sampler type, selecting the proper technique, laboratory analysis of whole air samples, evaluating the QC data and laboratory results, and how regulatory agencies view and use whole air sampling data.

Tuesday, May 21 (11:30 –11:55 a.m.)
Learning Pavilion – Expo Hall
Aura — A New Way to Capture Whole Personal Air Samples 
Steve Kozel (presenter), Jason Herrington (presenter), Mike Chang, Shelby Kunzi
For more information, email Steve Kozel

Abstract: Restek has developed a whole air sampling device that has now been written into NIOSH Method 3900, which is designed to capture a whole air sample in the breathing zone of a subject without requiring bulky, heavy, noisy pumps. Just attach the Aura personal air sampler (PAS) to an evacuated air sampling canister and begin sampling for up to 8 hours while also being able to interrupt sampling by disconnecting the Aura PAS at any time.

About Aura
The Aura personal air sampler from Restek is setting a new standard in sampling technology. This innovative passive sampling device is designed to meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements, while overcoming the limitations of sorbent tubes and badges. Notably, this quiet, robust sampler does not require a pump and manages variations in face velocity, temperature, and humidity better than traditional sampling approaches. Since this is a whole air sampling technique, it allows multiple analyses of >100 VOCs, providing broader application utility than analyte-specific sorbent techniques. The Aura personal air sampler has a wider effective range than tubes and badges—it is sensitive down to pptv levels and there is no risk of breakthrough even at ppmv levels. Comfortable to wear and easy to operate, this novel sampler features a simple, quick connection that starts and stops flow with no flow calibration required.

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Come see us at AIHce 2019  or contact your Restek representative  for more information about Aura