The Importance of Gas Chromatography in the Impurity Testing of Process Gases Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Author(s): Zafer Bayram and Hakan Dibek
Ant Teknik Cihazlar

Published By: Turkchem Magazine

Issue: Jan./Feb.

Year of Publication: 2013

Abstract: In the pharmaceutical industry, gas chromatography (GC) is routinely used for analyzing volatile and semivolatile compounds. While GC is frequently employed for quantitative reporting of residual solvents in raw materials and finished products, this technique is also now gaining popularity for the impurity testing of process gases, such as nitrogen. Molecular sieve PLOT capillary GC columns are the column of choice for analyzing these gases, due to their ability to separate light components. In this article, the authors provide an overview of process gas testing and example chromatography specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

 Acknowledgment(s): Chromatogram supplied by Restek Corporation.