QuEChERS: Beyond the Basics

Author(s): Julie Kowalski and Jack Cochran
Restek Corporation 

Published By: Separation Science

Issue: vol. 5, issue 4

Year of Publication: 2013

Link: http://www2.sepscience.com/Techniques/Sample-Prep/Articles/1863-/QuEChERS-Beyond-the-Basics

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Abstract: QuEChERS is a sample preparation approach that was designed to be easy, cheap but effective and rugged at the same time. It is most often used for pesticide residue analysis but its beneficial features have assisted it in branching to other fields such as environment, bioanalytical and clinical. QuEChERS was originally designed for fruits and vegetables and proven to work especially well for high water content fruits and vegetables (>80 %) with slightly acid pH (5–6). However, there are commodities that don’t fit into this food type. Adjustments to the typical QuEChERS procedures extend its usage outside of these typical or easy commodities. Common examples include very acidic food like citrus fruits and fatty foods like avocado, milk and oils.