Protein and Particulate Removal That’s Fast, Painless, and Effective

Resprep PPT3 CRMRestek’s line of Resprep® sample preparation products has expanded to include 96-well protein precipitation (PPT) plates. New Resprep® PPT3 96-well plates offer highly efficient protein removal with built-in, drip-free membrane and 3-way versatility for filtration, so you can prepare serum, plasma, and other biological samples using the name you have long trusted for quality, cleanliness, and performance.

Resprep® PPT3 96-well plates offer consistently greater than 99% protein removal and drip-free, in-well protein precipitation for a minimum of 24 hours—with no fear of backflushing or contamination. A dual-layer membrane with different porosities in each layer prohibits clogging and speeds up filtration, and using our recommended solvent-first method streamlines sample preparation even further.

Resprep® PPT3 96-well plates are also incredibly versatile. The 2.0 mL deep wells are suitable for mixing by vortex or pipette, and these 96-well plates can be used to increase throughput in general filtration applications. Best of all, PPT3 96-well plates are compatible with all common filtration devices: vacuum manifold, positive pressure manifold, and centrifugation.

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