Restek Employee-Owner Joins Editorial Board of Influential Cannabis Science Publication

Ashlee Gerardi joins Cannabis Science and Technology in an effort to advance the science of safety and potency testing in this growing industry

A new industry has bloomed, offering scientists a rare opportunity to build a field from the ground up, and Restek has already been helping.

In addition to Restek’s cannabis-specific products, applications, and support for cannabis testing labs, Ashlee Gerardi, Associate Business Development Manager at Restek, has joined the editorial advisory board of Cannabis Science and Technology. In her role, she will review articles submitted to the publication and provide additional insight and information on the cannabis testing industry by attending conferences and participating in trade association focus groups.

“I’m looking forward to advancing cannabis science and helping to ensure quality education continues to be found in the magazine,” she said. “Teaching this audience the fundamentals of chemistry and chromatography is vital to testing in this growing industry.”

Gerardi joined Restek in 2011, moving to Restek’s California office in 2013 as an R&D chemist. However, the demand for an additional business development manager was soon needed for the growing cannabis analysis industry, and Ashlee was eager to use her technical background and business knowledge to help Restek’s cannabis customers as an associate business development manager for the cannabis testing industry.

“Because the landscape is rapidly changing, one of the fastest-growing needs of the cannabis market is legitimacy. Our team at Restek provides consumables as well as testing solutions for product quality, potency, and safety analyses in the market,” she said.

Gerardi said the cannabis industry has a lot to offer adventurous scientists, as “there is still much of the cannabis plant that needs to be understood along with analytical challenges/pain points that remain to be solved,” adding that “Restek is supported by many knowledgeable scientists whom I interact with daily. Our team is constantly working to solve analytical pain points such as potency, terpenes, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and pesticide testing.”

By way of example, Ashlee noted that the recent November/December edition of Cannabis Science and Technology, Restek’s Justin Steimling, LC Solutions Applications Manager, wrote, “If product labels are to accurately reflect cannabinoid content, the complete sample composition must be considered in developing a robust and accurate analytical method.”

Gerardi said she keeps up with the wealth of cannabis knowledge through publications like Cannabis Science and Technology, but also through conferences and social media.

Gerardi still sees a lack of legitimacy in the cannabis market but says, “Restek is proud to have helped cannabis labs establish sound analytical practices from the beginning, and we will continue to be there for you every step of the way as the testing landscape changes.” In September 2019, she will attend the annual Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, OR, where she plans to give an oral presentation.

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