Restek Customers and Employee-Owners Donate More Than $11,000 to Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts

While the storms and headlines have passed, the hardships of those residents affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are nowhere near over.

For this reason, Restek held a fundraiser in September to raise money for Red Cross operations in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. In a combined effort from Restek customers and employee-owners, the company presented a check for $11,122 to the Red Cross on September 29.

Bryan Wolcott, Restek President and Head Coach, thanked customers and coworkers for their kindness and charity.

“People’s lives are forever changed by these tragic events, and I’m proud to be able to make this donation to the Red Cross on behalf of the Restek community,” he said. “Thank you to our customers for their generosity and caring.”

For several weeks in September, customers could forgo receiving their Wizard Dollar incentives during checkout over the phone or website and, instead, divert those funds to aid those in need. Restek employees could also donate, and Restek Corporation contributed an additional $5,000 as well.

Restek is well-known for empowering its employees to suggest and implement improvements to the business and its renowned culture. In this case, the hurricane-relief fundraiser was set into motion by Kent Rauch, Lead Web Developer at Restek. He said he recognized how dire the situation was by hearing from colleagues in the affected area.

“I wanted to help, so I got approval and made the code edits to the website,” he said. “The reception from our customers was tremendous.”

This is not the first time Restek raised money in response to a natural disaster. In 2013, the company raised nearly $4,000 to help ease the suffering of those affected by the tornado that ripped through Oklahoma, and the company also raised money after Superstorm Sandy hit New York and New Jersey.

Heather Ishler and Angie Rushe from Restek’s domestic customer service group helped organize and drive the fundraiser. Rushe said Restek’s culture of employee ownership instills a sense of responsibility and community.

“I work with an exceptionally generous group of folks who take our responsibility as owners very seriously. We understand that when you are in a position to be able to help, you should do all you can,” she said.

Restek Signs On With the Aegis Sciences Foundation to Benefit Veterans Charity

N2N 2014 Restek Corporation is pleased to have been a sponsor of the 2014 N2N bike tour. Now in its second year, the N2N (short for Natchez to Nashville) ride covers a blistering 444 miles—from southern Mississippi to Middle Tennessee—in just 4 days along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway. In addition to corporate sponsorships like Restek’s, each of the 22 participating cyclists committed to raising at least $2,220 for charitable distribution through the Aegis Sciences Foundation.

The Aegis Sciences Foundation was established in 2013 by valued Restek partner Aegis Sciences Corporation, a forensic toxicology and health care sciences laboratory in Nashville. The foundation is dedicated to supporting local communities with a particular focus on youth education, military veterans, and healthy living.

Proceeds from this year’s N2N—which exceeded $80,000!—went to raise awareness and funds for Team Red, White, and Blue, who along with the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team also joined the cyclists for portions of the ride. The national non-profit Team RWB has a mission to enrich the lives of America’s veterans and connect them to their communities through physical and social activities. The N2N tour was a perfect fit for this great organization, and Restek is proud to be a part of this event with Aegis Sciences.

For more information about the N2N, visit

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Morris, Aegis Sciences Corporation

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Morris, Aegis Sciences Corporation


Almost $4,000 Raised for Tornado Relief by Restek Customers and Employee-Owners

Restek_logo72_hexIn the aftermath of the rare and deadly EF5 tornado that ripped through Oklahoma in May, Restek felt compelled once again to try to help ease the suffering of those affected by devastation. As was done after Superstorm Sandy and other disasters, Restek modified our Wizard Dollars program to give customers the option of donating to this noble cause. For two months, interested customers could click a box during checkout asking that the Wizard Dollars they earned on their chromatography purchases be converted into cash to aid those in need—and Restek employee-owners also pitched in. After the one-for-one corporate match, a total of $3,940 was sent to the Red Cross on behalf of Restek and our customers. We would like to thank our customers for their generosity and caring.