Restek and the Shimadzu Institute Set to Collaborate on GC Basics Training

International GC Specialist Jaap de Zeeuw will be giving two educational presentations about the basics of gas chromatography at the Shimadzu Institute for Research Technologies, University of Texas at Arlington:

Learn the Basics of Gas Chromatography
and why it’s the preferred separation technique every lab uses for trace analysis

Date: Thursday, October 16, 2014

Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

Location: 700 Planetarium Place, Chemistry Physics Building (CPB), Room 303, Arlington, TX 76019

Parking: 708 S. West St. (next to CPB), Arlington, TX 76019

Host: Doug Carlton, Jr., Ph.D.

Presenter: Jaap de Zeeuw, Restek Corporation


Introduction and Principles of Gas Chromatography: Understanding the relevance of GC and the impact of the most important column parameters on separation

Optimize the GC for the Analysis of Traces in Environmental Arena: Practical tips to recognize key contributors affecting sensitivity

Keith Irwin, Restek‚Äôs Texas and Louisiana territory manager, will also be on-hand. In addition to gaining invaluable training from one of the industry’s experts, attendees can meet Keith face-to-face, arrange a site visit, or further discuss how Restek can help you solve your analytical challenges.

Restek is excited to collaborate with Shimadzu, the University of Texas, and their new educational institution. We encourage our customers, colleagues, and partners in Texas and beyond to attend.