Cannabis Testing Opens Up a Whole New Market

Author(s): Michelle Taylor, Editor-in-Chief
Chromatography Techniques / Laboratory Equipment

Published By: Chromatography Techniques / Laboratory Equipment

Year of Publication: 2015


Abstract: Given recent law and attitude changes in the United States, the cannabis industry is on the rise — which means the cannabis testing industry is likewise growing. From analyzing potency and pesticides to testing for terpenes and residual solvents, chromatography is aptly suited to the analytical needs of the cannabis testing industry. Chromatography Techniques Editor-in-Chief Michelle Taylor recently spoke with Amanda Rigdon, GC Columns Product Manager at Restek Corp., for her input on the past, present and future of the cannabis testing market.

Restek Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine for PLOT Columns

2010 Lab Equipment WinnerNew PLOT columns from Restek were recently selected as a winner of Laboratory Equipment‘s Reader’s Choice Award. These columns feature an innovative bonding process that significantly reduces particle release and column blockage, resulting in highly stable flows and retention times. This new stabilization technology can increase the accuracy of impurities analysis and is especially beneficial to flow switching applications. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on column value and performance in research labs.

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Restek QuEChERS SPE Tubes and Biphenyl LC Columns Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine

2009 Laboratory Equipment WinnerTwo Restek product lines were recently honored by Laboratory Equipment magazine. QuEChERS SPE tubes were selected as a winner and Biphenyl LC columns were named as a finalist in the magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards competition. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on the value and performance of the products in research labs. For more information on the advantages of QuEChERS SPE tubes visit and to learn how Biphenyl columns can improve your separations visit