New Raptor™ ARC-18 Columns Are Born for LC-MS/MS

The birth of Restek’s new Raptor™ SPP LC column line began with the innovative Biphenyl phase, and it has now grown to include a new Restek® phase: the ARC-18.

Raptor™ LC ColumnsRaptor™ ARC-18 ColumnDesigned and intended specifically for use on LC-MS/MS systems, the Raptor™ ARC-18 column offers a well-balanced retention profile without the drawbacks of using an ordinary C18 in the harsh, acidic mobile phases needed for mass spectrometry (MS). Even after extended use in these low-pH (≤ 2.0) conditions, the sterically protected ARC-18 offers consistent retention, peak shape, and response for charged bases, neutral acids, small polar compounds, and more. For the rapid analysis of large, multiclass assays by LC-MS/MS, the Raptor™ ARC-18 truly is ahead of the curve.


About Raptor™ SPP LC Columns: Superficially porous particles (commonly referred to as SPP or “core-shell” particles) changed the world of LC by dramatically boosting column efficiency and reducing analysis times, but they were only the beginning. With Raptor™ LC columns, Restek chemists have combined the speed of SPP with the resolution of highly selective USLC® technology. This new species of chromatographic column allows you to more easily achieve peak separation and faster analysis times without expensive UHPLC instrumentation. Raptor™ LC columns provide the practicing analyst with the most powerful tools available for fast, efficient method development and increased sample throughput. And because they are from Restek, Raptor™ LC columns are backed by manufacturing and quality systems you trust along with internationally renowned Plus 1 service.

Restek Bolsters its Product Expertise With Two New Hires

Scott Adams and Paul Connolly

Product Marketing Managers: Scott Adams (GC Accessories) and Paul Connolly (LC Columns)

Restek recently expanded its marketing department by bringing on two new Product Marketing Managers: Paul Connolly (LC Columns) and Scott Adams (GC Accessories). Paul and Scott will manage day-to-day operations and product maintenance while former PMMs Rick Lake and Kelli Steindl will oversee their respective product lines in the newly created role of Product Line Manager.

Paul brings 24 years of analytical and chromatography expertise to Restek, including 16 years performing LC-MS/MS. He earned his B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, after which he was a Chemist for Halliburton NUS Environmental Services for nearly a decade. Paul has also worked as a Scientist and Principle Investigator, then Group Leader for Centre Analytical Laboratories; an LC-MS Technical Leader for Exygen Research; and a Bioanalytical Director for MPI Research. Additional highlights of his professional experience include sample preparation, pharmaceutical drug development, clinical analysis, animal health/food safety, and method development. As our new LC Columns Product Marketing Manager, Paul’s main focus will be further developing Restek’s USLC® technology into new application areas.

Equipped with a B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University and two years’ experience as an Environmental Chemist at Lancaster Labs, Scott spent 13 years with Alltech Associates/WR Grace, where he worked in research & development, technical support, applications, product management, and e-business. Most recently before joining Restek, he also worked at Thermo Scientific as an Applications Specialist. With a balanced mix of marketing and application proficiency, Scott will be helping expand our offering of GC accessories to better meet the needs of analysts worldwide.

In addition to seeing our GC and LC product lines grow and improve, you will also meet Paul and Scott as they represent Restek at tradeshows, symposia, seminars, and more.

Restek QuEChERS SPE Tubes and Biphenyl LC Columns Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine

2009 Laboratory Equipment WinnerTwo Restek product lines were recently honored by Laboratory Equipment magazine. QuEChERS SPE tubes were selected as a winner and Biphenyl LC columns were named as a finalist in the magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards competition. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on the value and performance of the products in research labs. For more information on the advantages of QuEChERS SPE tubes visit and to learn how Biphenyl columns can improve your separations visit