Featured Pittcon Short Course: Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Gas Chromatography

Jaap de Zeeuw

Jaap de Zeeuw

Date: Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Location: Pittcon 2020, Chicago

Course Description: 

In gas chromatography, 90% of the problems encountered can be traced back to issues in the injection system. In this half-day featured Pittcon short course, Restek’s Jaap de Zeeuw will discuss the purpose and impact of the critical parts used in split and splitless injection, as well as how they affect overall system maintenance schedules. Carrier gas choice and purity, tubing, connections, septa, ferrules, seals, liners, column coupling, column installation, and column maintenance all will be covered in detail. In addition, Jaap will discuss column operation/optimization concepts and explain how to extend GC column lifetime most effectively. At the end, we will explore a series of practical examples together through troubleshooting exercises.

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