Extending the Power of Stabilized PLOT Column Technology to Process GC Analyzers

Author(s): Jaap de Zeeuw, Rick Morehead, Tom Vezza, Gary Stidsen

Published By: Petro Industry News

Year of Publication: 2011

Link: http://www.restek.com/Technical-Resources/Technical-Library/Petroleum-Petrochemical/petro_0021

Abstract: New metal MXT® PLOT columns offer greater stability than conventional PLOT columns, making them a better choice for process GC analyzer applications. New bonding techniques result in highly reproducible flow characteristics, improved layer stability, and excellent separation efficiencies.

Advances in Porous Layer Open Tubular Columns

Author(s): Jaap de Zeeuw, Bill Bromps, Tom Vezza, Rick Morehead, Gary Stidsen

Published By: American Laboratory

Issue: vol. 42, no. 5

Year of Publication: 2010

Link: http://www.americanlaboratory.com/913-Technical-Articles/493-Advances-in-Porous-Layer-Open-Tubular-Columns/

Abstract: Novel procedures have been developed to manufacture PLOT columns with different stabilized, concentric adsorption layers. Compared with state-of-the-art-type PLOT columns, new-generation PLOT columns demonstrate constant fl ow behavior (permeability)and have signifi cantly improved mechanical stability, resulting in easier operation, better chromatography, reproducible retention times, and longer lifetimes.

Restek Expands PLOT Column Line With New Alumina BOND/MAPD Columns

Restek Fused Silica and Metal MXT® ColumnsPLOT columns from Restek have set a new standard with better bonding and greater efficiency than similar columns from other vendors. The superior stabilization and deactivation technologies that are the foundation of our PLOT column line have now been used to develop Rt®-Alumina BOND/MAPD (fused silica) and MXT®-Alumina BOND/MAPD (metal) columns. These new alumina PLOT columns are designed for accurate, reproducible trace-level analysis of unsaturated hydrocarbons. They provide higher capacity, which keeps hydrocarbon peaks narrow, and are stable up to 250 °C, giving them the widest application range of any alumina PLOT column on the market!

For more information on PLOT column technology and applications, visit www.restek.com/petro

Restek Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine for PLOT Columns

2010 Lab Equipment WinnerNew PLOT columns from Restek were recently selected as a winner of Laboratory Equipment‘s Reader’s Choice Award. These columns feature an innovative bonding process that significantly reduces particle release and column blockage, resulting in highly stable flows and retention times. This new stabilization technology can increase the accuracy of impurities analysis and is especially beneficial to flow switching applications. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on column value and performance in research labs.

For more information on PLOT column technology and applications, visit www.restek.com/petro