Scott Adams Speaks About Restek® Pure Chromatography at Pittcon 2015

What can Restek® Pure Chromatography and our 30 years of experience in the industry mean for you and your work? Scott Adams, our GC Accessories Product Marketing Manager, explains in this LabTube video from Pittcon 2015.

Scott Adams at Pittcon 2015

Analysts in China Can Now Work Directly With Restek

Restek Corporation has just announced the opening of a new subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China. The creation of this business entity will allow Restek to more efficiently support its established in-country distributors and their existing customers. In addition, Chinese chemists will now also have the option of working directly with Restek to order GC and LC columns and accessories, reference standards, sample preparation materials, and air sampling products!

This latest enterprise joins Restek subsidiaries in England, France, Germany, and Japan, as well as a robust distributor network that covers over 100 countries across six continents—all with the goal providing superior, cutting-edge chromatography products and world-class Plus 1 service through a local source.

Restek is eager to begin personally serving analysts throughout China. Visit the Restek China website at

Restek China

Restek Corporation
1-814-353-1300, ext. 3

A Fresh, New Style for Restek

New Restek Packaging

Introducing the new face of Restek!

Restek Corporation has announced a major rebranding campaign. From shipping containers and product packaging to literature and the web, the new face of Restek has already started to appear in the marketplace and will continue to spread in the upcoming months. “We are very excited to roll out this new look,” says Director of Marketing Dennis Claspell. “For over 25 years, our customers across the globe have turned to us for reliable solutions to complex chromatographic challenges. This powerfully straightforward, uncluttered new design perfectly matches what Restek stands for in the industry.”

It is important to note that Restek is the same employee-owned company providing innovative chromatography solutions relied on by laboratories worldwide. As the transition is completed, the old branding will still appear on some product boxes until existing supplies are exhausted. However, inside there will always be high-quality genuine Restek products, newly manufactured and packaged with care to meet your chromatography needs.


Restek Bolsters its Product Expertise With Two New Hires

Scott Adams and Paul Connolly

Product Marketing Managers: Scott Adams (GC Accessories) and Paul Connolly (LC Columns)

Restek recently expanded its marketing department by bringing on two new Product Marketing Managers: Paul Connolly (LC Columns) and Scott Adams (GC Accessories). Paul and Scott will manage day-to-day operations and product maintenance while former PMMs Rick Lake and Kelli Steindl will oversee their respective product lines in the newly created role of Product Line Manager.

Paul brings 24 years of analytical and chromatography expertise to Restek, including 16 years performing LC-MS/MS. He earned his B.S. in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh, after which he was a Chemist for Halliburton NUS Environmental Services for nearly a decade. Paul has also worked as a Scientist and Principle Investigator, then Group Leader for Centre Analytical Laboratories; an LC-MS Technical Leader for Exygen Research; and a Bioanalytical Director for MPI Research. Additional highlights of his professional experience include sample preparation, pharmaceutical drug development, clinical analysis, animal health/food safety, and method development. As our new LC Columns Product Marketing Manager, Paul’s main focus will be further developing Restek’s USLC® technology into new application areas.

Equipped with a B.S. from The Pennsylvania State University and two years’ experience as an Environmental Chemist at Lancaster Labs, Scott spent 13 years with Alltech Associates/WR Grace, where he worked in research & development, technical support, applications, product management, and e-business. Most recently before joining Restek, he also worked at Thermo Scientific as an Applications Specialist. With a balanced mix of marketing and application proficiency, Scott will be helping expand our offering of GC accessories to better meet the needs of analysts worldwide.

In addition to seeing our GC and LC product lines grow and improve, you will also meet Paul and Scott as they represent Restek at tradeshows, symposia, seminars, and more.

Restek Celebrates 3 Years of Employee Ownership

25th Anniversary Group ShotOn December 31, 2008, Restek Corporation announced the purchase of all outstanding corporate shares, officially becoming 100% employee owned under an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) structure. The transition to 100% employee ownership was made to ensure both our long-term stability and the continuation of our unique customer-centric culture. In the years since, Restek employee-owners have continued to introduce innovative new products while increasing our technical expertise and taking every opportunity to live up to our reputation as the company chromatographers can rely on.

The prestigious General Social Survey (GSS) recently reported results that mirror Restek’s own beliefs and experience. The 2010 GSS showed that employees in the U.S. who had employee stock ownership were four times less likely to be laid off during the Great Recession than employees who did not. The survey also stated that only 13% of the employees with employee stock ownership intended to leave their companies in the coming months, compared with a rate of 24% for those lacking employee ownership. Restek truly values its employee-owners and has remained committed to employee retention and professional growth during the ongoing economic turmoil. In return, our talented employee-owners have largely chosen to remain here—just when our customers need us most!

Because Restek employees own the company, each one is truly a partner to our customers. We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products on a schedule that meets customers’ needs because they, in turn, want accurate, timely, problem-free analyses. Meeting and exceeding expectations for quality and on-time delivery provide a decided advantage for our customers. Superior technical support and sincere interest in new ideas further distinguish Restek employee-owners from those at traditional companies.

Restek remains an independent company. We take pride in supporting many instrument manufacturers and chromatography platforms, and we can do so because we are not tied to any single source. Our employees are empowered to make decisions based on sound technical theory and practice, and we strive to offer not only the most helpful, but also the most universal technologies, products, and customer solutions. Our recent success in achieving ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations is one more way for Restek’s employee-owners to showcase our excellent quality and performance.

When he began the company in 1985, Restek founder Paul Silvis envisioned a company that would strive to provide the highest quality, most innovative products throughout the world and would be surpassed by no one in providing Plus 1 service to customers. It was this philosophy that led to 100% employee ownership and Restek’s success. After all, when 300 people are invested in a company’s future as only owners can be, they will always push themselves toward new levels of innovation and customer satisfaction.

Restek’s Innovations Group Expands With 2 New Hires

Jason Herrington and Chris Rattray

Jason Herrington (left) and Chris Rattray (right)

Restek is proud to announce two additions to our Innovations Group: Chris Rattray and Jason Herrington.

Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Riverside, and substantial experience with GC, GC-MS, sample preparation, standards formulation, and instrument calibration. His years performing organic EPA analysis include extensive work with methods 8270, 8260, 8141, and 8081. Over the course of his tenure at Microbac Laboratories, he was an organic analyst, organic supervisor, and technical director of the lab. After coming on as Restek’s Environmental Innovations Chemist, Chris hit the ground running and is currently working on the optimization of existing environmental methods. You can find his latest work at ChromaBLOGraphy (

Prior to joining Restek, Jason had spent over 10 years in environmental analysis, most notably as a post-doctoral research fellow with the EPA, where he focused on developing techniques for organic speciation of ambient gas-phase air toxics. Jason has a B.S. & Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from Rutgers and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey respectively. His dissertation examining carbonyl measurement methods in air garnered him several prestigious awards, and his wide-ranging work has been both published and presented around the world. As Restek’s Air Innovations Chemist, Jason will be heavily involved with developing both new products and new ambient air applications.

This expansion of our Innovations Group will help us stay on the cutting edge of chromatography and continue to bring you the top-quality products and applications you expect from Restek.

Restek Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine for PLOT Columns

2010 Lab Equipment WinnerNew PLOT columns from Restek were recently selected as a winner of Laboratory Equipment‘s Reader’s Choice Award. These columns feature an innovative bonding process that significantly reduces particle release and column blockage, resulting in highly stable flows and retention times. This new stabilization technology can increase the accuracy of impurities analysis and is especially beneficial to flow switching applications. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on column value and performance in research labs.

For more information on PLOT column technology and applications, visit

Restek Announces New President and Head Coach

Bryan Wolcott, President and Head CoachThe Board of Directors of Restek Corporation has announced a change in the senior leadership of the company. Bryan Wolcott, Restek’s current CFO of 11 years, will be taking the role of Head Coach and President. Bryan joined Restek in 1997 as Manufacturing Manager, and moved into the CFO role in 1999. He has served on Restek’s leadership team for 10 years and was instrumental in Restek’s recent ESOP transaction and the acquisition of Glastron earlier this year.

Bryan has an excellent record for tackling complex issues, and he has a passion for fostering innovation by developing structures that support synergistic relationships among corporate units. In taking on this new role he says, “The challenge in front of me is to align the company’s talent around our growth objectives in international business and new product development, while ensuring that Restek remains a truly great place to work. Because we are employee-owned, we have a unique opportunity to improve our systems and structure for the long-term benefit of both the company and employees, while maintaining a creative and celebratory work style!”

Prior to joining Restek, Bryan worked in the oil and gas industry for 16 years, first as a petroleum engineer and later transitioning to financial operations when he became interested in how corporate structures and investments could benefit employees and shareholders alike. Bryan is currently the president of the PA/DE chapter of the ESOP Association, president of the Penn Eagle Industrial Park Owners Association, and has previously served on many other industry and community boards.

Restek Corporation Purchases Glastron, Inc.

Restek Corporation and Glastron, Inc.Restek Corporation (Bellefonte, PA) announced today their acquisition of Glastron Inc., a 40 year old, New Jersey based manufacturer of specialized glassware and electronic components, and an expert assembler of analytical and testing equipment. “This is an exciting time for both our companies,” said Al Kille, cofounder of Glastron. “Restek has been a key customer for over two decades. This new relationship allows Glastron to continue our focus on specialty glassware and pursue a new vision for the future of our employees.”

Restek will maintain Glastron’s manufacturing site and employee base in Vineland, NJ. “Our goal is for Glastron to remain an independent subsidiary with its own strategies, relationships, and customer base. We think that there are opportunities to use Restek’s innovative approach to product development and customer focus to expand Glastron’s reach into their markets,” said Don McCandless, Head Coach of Restek.

Restek QuEChERS SPE Tubes and Biphenyl LC Columns Honored by Laboratory Equipment Magazine

2009 Laboratory Equipment WinnerTwo Restek product lines were recently honored by Laboratory Equipment magazine. QuEChERS SPE tubes were selected as a winner and Biphenyl LC columns were named as a finalist in the magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice Awards competition. Winners were selected by practicing scientists and engineers based on the value and performance of the products in research labs. For more information on the advantages of QuEChERS SPE tubes visit and to learn how Biphenyl columns can improve your separations visit