Now Available for SPME Arrow: The Longer Life and Simplicity of Merlin Microseal Septa

Analysts have long enjoyed the benefits of Merlin Microseal septa for their traditional and SPME fiber injections—and now, you can switch to these innovative septa for your SPME Arrow applications, too!

The advantages of the Merlin Microseal septum include elimination of septum coring, longer life, and consistently low insertion force for injections. The Microseal septum incorporates two separate sealing mechanisms. These sliding seals eliminate septum coring and the resulting accumulation of septum crumbs in the injection port liner.

The Restek PAL SPME Arrow is a larger-diameter solid phase microextraction (SPME) probe with a rugged construction that ensures longer life, higher sample throughput, and better sensitivity over traditional SPME fibers. The Merlin Microseal for SPME Arrow is available for many popular instruments and both Restek PAL SPME Arrow sizes (1.1 mm and 1.5 mm). Installation is simple, requiring no modification of the injection port; although, due to the relatively large diameter of Restek PAL SPME Arrows, you must install an instrument-specific GC inlet conversion kit from Restek prior to use.

In addition to these new septa for SPME Arrow applications, Restek also offers Merlin Microseal adapter kits and septa for use in general-purpose (3 to 100 psi), low-pressure (1 to 45 psi), and SPME fiber (3 to 100 psi) applications.

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Preventing GC Septum Problems

Author: Mark Badger, Scott Grossman

Restek Corporation

Published By: Restek Corporation

Year of Publication: 2017



Handy tips for choosing the right septum for your application and instrument. Includes an overview of common GC septum problems, such as coring and bleed. Guidelines help you avoid extraneous peaks and optimize your system’s performance.

New Thermolite Plus Septa Now Available

ThermolitePlus_CRMRestek’s new Thermolite Plus septa offer advanced technology for optimal performance. The ultra-low bleed characteristic of these new septa minimizes the background signal, and the plasma coating prevents the septa from sticking in the injection port. Precision molding ensures a consistent, accurate fit. In addition, select septa feature a CenterGuide design to minimize coring. Thermolite Plus septa are usable up to 350 °C and come preconditioned and ready to use.

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Ghost Peaks in Gas Chromatography Part 2: The Injection Port

Author(s): Jaap de Zeeuw
Restek Corporation

Published By: Separation Science

Issue: vol. 5, issue 5

Year of Publication: 2013


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Abstract: In Part I, we discussed possible sources for ghost peaks related to the carrier gas and the gas lines. Here we move into the injection port itself as this is a big source for “trouble”. The injection of the sample is responsible for > 80% of the “troubles” that are experienced in gas chromatography. In the process of rapid evaporation of the sample, several things can go wrong.