Restek Employee-Owners and Customers Partner With the American Red Cross

Red Cross RecognitionRestek Corporation is grateful to have been recognized by the American Red Cross for our efforts to aid the victims of Superstorm Sandy. Through a modification of our Wizard Dollars program that included a one-for-one corporate match, Restek employee-owners and customers donated $2,632 to benefit the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. With such wide-spread destruction after the hurricane, we felt obliged to do what we could to help and wanted to extend the chance to lend a hand to our customers, who graciously responded in large numbers. Restek sincerely thanks the Red Cross for their acknowledgment as well as our customers for the additional support.

With the devastating tornadoes in Oklahoma, we feel compelled to again do our part. Donations are already pouring in from across Restek, and we have also made it possible once more for our customers to give the Wizard Dollars they earn on chromatography purchases to the cause. For two months, customers can simply click a box during checkout asking Restek to convert their Wizard Dollars into cash to help those in need—and we will match donations dollar for dollar up to $5,000. Together, we can try to make a difference to families who have lost so much.

On a related note, we would be remiss if we did not also mention our LC Accessories Product Marketing Manager: Carrie Sprout. For almost all of her 17 years with Restek, Carrie has coordinated our blood drive program, and she was recently honored with the 2013 Business Sponsor Coordinator Award for her hard work and dedication. Congratulations, Carrie!