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D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul
  1. D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul

D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul

Catalog No. 31222
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D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul

D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul



Features & Benefits

These calibration mixtures are made with pure, highly characterized neat material and are prepared using NIST-traceable balances and weights. Each ampul is supplied with a data sheet indicating the exact concentration and a sample chromatogram.

Note: The D2887 Calibration Mix is a weight/weight % blend of short-, medium-, and long-chained alkanes that requires special handling to ensure accurate transfer and analysis. Restek recommends heating the sealed ampul for 3 minutes at 100 °C (212 °F) to completely liquefy the sample. Invert the ampul several times to homogenize the contents and then open, transfer, and dilute (per your application) within 1 minute of heating.

Compound (CAS#), % by Weight
(C6) n-Hexane (110-54-3), 6% w/w
(C7) n-Heptane (142-82-5), 6% w/w
(C8) n-Octane (111-65-9), 8% w/w
(C9) n-Nonane (111-84-2), 8% w/w
(C10) n-Decane (124-18-5), 12% w/w
(C11) n-Undecane (1120-21-4), 12% w/w
(C12) n-Dodecane (112-40-3), 12% w/w
(C14) n-Tetradecane (629-59-4), 12% w/w
(C16) n-Hexadecane (544-76-3), 10% w/w
(C18) n-Octadecane (593-45-3), 5% w/w
(C20) n-Eicosane (112-95-8), 2% w/w
(C24) n-Tetracosane (646-31-1), 2% w/w
(C28) n-Octacosane (630-02-4), 1% w/w
(C32) n-Dotriacontane (544-85-4), 1% w/w
(C36) n-Hexatriacontane (630-06-8), 1% w/w
(C40) n-Tetracontane (4181-95-7), 1% w/w
(C44) n-Tetratetracontane (7098-22-8), 1% w/w


Product Specifications
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D2887 Calibration Mix, 1 mL/ampul
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