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9-12 April, Munich, Germany

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Join us at booth A2.316  where our international group of experts are ready to provide you with tailored chromatography solutions.
Become a chromatography mastermind and win prizes with our knowledge game before joining us for a freshly-made waffle.
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In the analytical world everybody is aware of the “forever chemicals” PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), but there is still room to learn more! At this year’s analytica, join Restek's PFAS experts for informative workshop sessions designed to teach you about the pitfalls, pain points and challenges in PFAS analysis.

Register for the Restek PFAS workshop sessions that will take place during analytica 2024 on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th April in Conference Room A31. If you need any additional informations, please contact Restek.


Different Matrices Ask for Different Solutions

Wednesday, April 10 & Thursday, April 11, 9:30 a.m.

PFAS are increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. They can be found in numerous places, including non-stick metal cookware, firefighting foams, food, drinking water sources and even the human body. Actually, the scientific community is struggling to determine the real health effect of PFAS because they lack negative controls – it's just everywhere.

Each of these matrices requires a different sample preparation and care must be taken to ensure that no PFAS contamination is introduced into the sample while preparing or even measuring. In this workshop our experts show you how to handle samples from different sources and which materials are considered PFAS-free.


From Ultrashort to Long-Chain and Alternative PFAS – How to Develop Methods in the Lab and Virtually?

Wednesday, April 10 & Thursday, April 11, 1:30 p.m.

As interest grows in monitoring a wider range of PFAS, including even the shortest alkyl chain compounds, efficient methodology becomes more important. However, many laboratories lack the resources for time-intensive method development, which can hinder the usage of LC systems for routine analysis. In this workshop, we will introduce our groundbreaking EZLC Chromatogram Modeler, a cost-free solution that revolutionizes method development for PFAS analysis and beyond by eliminating the need for extensive lab work.

Another significant challenge in PFAS analysis is the suitability of current LC methods for newly emerging ultrashort-chain (< C3) PFAS compounds. Classic RP columns often fail to retain these short compounds adequately, rendering most established LC-MS/MS methods ineffective for analyzing short-chain (C4-C7) and long-chain (> C8) PFAS, as well as alternative compounds. Here, we will present Restek's innovative methods, evaluated on more polar columns, which enable the simultaneous analysis of ultrashort-chain, alternative, and legacy PFAS compounds in a single run.

While the analysis of PFAS has largely focused on LC methods, GC may be more appropriate for volatile PFAS, such as the fluorotelomer alcohols. This is especially true when analyzing air samples, as common air sampling techniques, such as canister sampling or thermal desorption, allow for preconcentration and injection on to GC systems without the need for solvent extraction.


PFAS Workshop: Story and Real Impact, Including Q&A Session: Meet the PFAS Experts

Wednesday, April 10 & Thursday, April 11, 3:30 p.m.

In our afternoon session, you'll have the opportunity to engage with Restek’s PFAS experts. Following a brief overview of how PFAS impact every area of our lives, we aim to foster an environment conducive to open dialogue, encouraging you to openly discuss your challenges and pain points in PFAS analysis with the entire group.