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7-9 May, Kansas City, MO, U.S.

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Method Development of Cannabinoids Using a Virtual Method Development Tool

Wednesday, May 8, 1:50-2:10 p.m.
Melinda Urich (presenter) 
Restek Corporation

The development and optimization of cannabinoid separations can be time-consuming and costly, often requiring several steps, including method scouting, development, and optimization. To reduce cost and save time, a no-cost virtual tool was used. Compounds were selected from a database containing over 30 cannabinoids, and methods were developed to instantly model separations by adjusting parameters, such as instrument/system effects (dwell and extra column volume); temperature; and mobile phase additives.  

The modeled methods were transferred to the lab, and retention times from the experimental vs. modeled chromatograms were compared. To determine if results of the modeler were acceptable, retention times should not exceed more than ±15 seconds or no more than 10% of the run time. Results show the modeler can develop and optimize separations quickly and accurately, offering users the ability to optimize methods to increase throughput by saving time and cost.
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