Getting Started / Quotes


How to request and redeem quotes online

By registering for a profile on, you will be able to request a quote for items placed in your cart. These quotes can be found in the “Quotes” section of your “My Account” dropdown or dashboard and can be converted into orders if you choose to move forward with the quote. 

How to request a quote 

  1. Sign in to your account and add items to the cart. 
  2. Once your cart contains all the items you would like to have quoted, click “Request Quote.” 
  3. Enter your shipping address and choose a shipping method for an estimated shipping cost. Click “Continue to Billing.” 
  4. Enter/review your billing address. Click “Review Quote.” 
  5. Review the shipping and billing information. If everything looks accurate, click “Request Quote.” 

NOTE: shipping and tax charges are estimates at this time and will be recalculated at checkout. 

  1. You have successfully requested a quote from Restek!




Where can I access my quotes? 

Your quotes will be available to you in the “Quotes” section of your “My Account” dashboard or dropdown menu. Click on the quote icons to see a detailed view of your quote.


How can I convert my quote to an order? 

After you’ve requested a quote, a member of our sales team will review your request. Once reviewed, you will receive an email containing your quote. In addition, you may access your updated quote within the “Quotes” section of “My Account.” To convert the quote to an order, do the following: 

  1. Log in to your account and open the quote from the “Quotes” section of your “My Account” dashboard. 
  2. If you agree with the pricing, click “Accept & Checkout” to continue. 
  3. Review your shipping information and click “Continue to Payment.” 
  4. Enter your payment information and proceed to “Review Order.”  
  5. If all information is accurate, click “Place Order.” 
  6. Your quote has now been converted to an order!