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Restek Locations & Facilities


A Global Community

Our commitment to chromatography products, education, and technical service spans the globe. In addition to being able to contact us directly through our headquarters and offices, Restek has an extensive network of distributors throughout the world that is ready to supply and support our GC and LC columns, accessories, sample preparation products, and reference standards to analysts in over 100 countries across six continents. The language of science crosses all borders, and we are proud to serve scientists no matter where their work is being done.

The Americas

Corporate Headquarters

Restek’s headquarters is situated in scenic Centre County, PA, U.S. Our main campus boasts a 128,000 square-foot facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing and research capabilities. If you visit us, the first thing you’ll encounter is our beautiful atrium, which is a testament to Restek’s belief that our workplace should be somewhere people look forward to coming to. The grounds also include a 1.2-kilometer walking path and a large pavilion for work or social gatherings. Beside the pavilion is our Millhouse, built to celebrate one of our many milestones of success. It is a place for employees and their families to celebrate events or enjoy a break in comfortable, relaxing surroundings. A playground lies between the Millhouse and Restek’s newest commitment to employee health and well-being: Founder’s Point. This 17,000 square-foot Wellness Center is complete with a full-size indoor gymnasium, workout rooms for strength training and fitness classes, locker rooms, and offices for our on-site, full-time wellness staff.  Founder’s Point is also our gathering place for company-wide events and our emergency operations center. In the event of an emergency, we have ensured that our Customer and Technical Service personnel can continue working with our customers without interruption.


Restek Offices

Restek has direct sales offices established in five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, and most recently, Spain. Restek employees in each location are dedicated to bringing exceptional customer and technical service to the regions they serve, meeting customers when and where their work is being conducted.

European Distribution Center

In 2018, Restek opened our European Distribution Center (EDC) in Germany to provide quicker delivery times for our European customers. We continue to strive to provide the same Restek experience wherever our customers interact with us, and the establishment of the EDC was a key element of that strategy. Since its opening, we have continued to increase its reach to include more of our distributors as well as our direct customers, improving delivery times on the Restek products they rely on.


Restek Offices

Restek has sales offices in China and Japan, which allows us to efficiently support our established in-country distributors and our existing direct customers. Just as in Europe and the Americas, Restek’s Asian offices are ready to answer your questions and help you find the best product to meet the challenges of your work.