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Welcome to Restek Rewards!

Signing Up Your Organization for Restek Rewards

The individual requesting enrollment in Restek Rewards for your organization will be asked to identify the person who will serve as the sole account manager for your account, so please be sure to have consulted with your organization before requesting enrollment in the program. Selection of the account manager and subsequent dissemination of that decision within your organization is solely at your organization's discretion.

If you’re ready to enroll in Restek Rewards:

  • New Restek Customers: You will need to create a customer account before you can enroll in Restek Rewards. Fill out our Online Customer Registration Form or contact the Restek Customer Accounts team to create a Restek customer account.
  • Existing Restek Customers: If you already have a customer account with Restek, request enrollment today!

Note that when you request enrollment in Restek Rewards, the process may take up to 14 business days for the individual you have identified as the account manager to receive notice of the request’s status. Once a request for enrollment has been approved, the account manager will be contacted via email by our third-party administrator, C.A. Short, with "People Are Everything" account activation information. If we have a problem processing the enrollment request, the individual filling out the request form and the listed account manager will be contacted.

Already enrolled in The Restek Rewards program? Login to your "People Are Everything" C.A. Short account.

NOTE: When you navigate to the Restek Rewards login page, you are leaving the Restek website and entering the online management portal for the program, which is hosted by a third-party partner. Privacy and security policies differ.

Restek appreciates your business and recognizes the investment your organization makes when you purchase our products. We believe the unrivaled quality and performance of Restek products coupled with our world-class customer and technical service provide unbeatable value for your investment; but, to give you a true Plus 1 customer experience, we go a step further with our Restek Rewards program.

When your organization enrolls in the Restek Rewards program, dollars spent directly with Restek can be turned into rewards points that can be tracked and redeemed through our program partner’s online portal for an exciting variety of options.

Restek Rewards Program Benefits:

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  • Choose from a wide variety of options when redeeming points:
    • Donate points to benefit charitable organizations.
    • Redeem points on a broad assortment of merchandise.
    • Exchange points for a range of gift cards for even greater flexibility.
  • Track and redeem points entirely online:
    • Monitor your account and redeem points conveniently through an online portal.
    • Forget the hassle of tracking, collecting, counting, and mailing in (or losing!) physical promotional dollars and a form.
  • Enjoy the greater redemption power of consolidated rewards points:
    • Your Restek Rewards points will be consolidated by shipping address. Regardless of how your organization chooses to use your points, you’ll accrue points faster.

Earning Restek Rewards

When your organization enrolls in the Restek Rewards program, you will receive 200 points for every $50 spent on purchases made directly from Restek. (Purchases of Restek products made through distributors do not apply.) Point assignment, tracking, and redemption are all performed digitally with Restek Rewards. No physical promotional coupons will be provided with shipments of products. Your Restek Rewards points balance will be updated monthly with the update appearing by the 10th day of each month and covering the points accrued during the previous month. An email notification of the account balance will be sent monthly to the account manager.

Eligibility to Participate in Restek Rewards

Make sure your organization permits participating in a customer rewards program, and that you understand all rules and regulations that may apply before contacting Restek about enrollment. Restek is not liable for any violations of policies or laws that result from an individual or organization requesting enrollment in and being given an account for the Restek Rewards program. Only customers whose shipping addresses are within the 50 states of the United States of America are eligible for this program.

Restek Rewards is a business-to-business rewards program. Accounts will be assigned to an organization based on shipping address. Organizations with multiple shipping addresses may have multiple Restek Rewards accounts, but only one account is allowed per shipping address in Restek’s customer database. We will not set up personal accounts for different individuals associated with a particular shipping address in our customer database.

Multiple requests for program enrollment from a single shipping address will be referred back to the organization to resolve. Subsequent requests for program enrollment after an account has already been created for a given shipping address will be rejected, citing "duplicate account request" as the rejection.

Each Restek Rewards account must have a single individual identified as the account manager. The account manager will serve as the point of contact for your organization’s account, receiving all communications regarding the account. Only the registered account manager will receive account login information for the online account management portal.

Wizard Dollars

As of 1 January 2020, the Wizard Dollars program has expired and requests to redeem Wizard Dollars will no longer be honored.

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, check out our Restek Rewards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and our terms and conditions below or contact the Restek  team for more details.

Terms & Conditions

Participation in the Restek Rewards program is only available to customers with “Ship To” addresses within the 50 states of the United States of America. Restek is not liable for warranties on promotional items. Please follow the manufacturer’s warranty instructions. Please read the FAQs below and the other information on this Restek Rewards program webpage for information regarding your Restek Rewards program account. Before participating in the program or ordering any promotional items, please consult with your company’s policy on participation in such programs. Restek will not be liable for any violation of company policy or any laws that may govern participation in the program. Each company participating in this program will have one designated account manager per “Ship To” address. A company may have multiple accounts, each with its own account manager, if they have different “Ship To” addresses in Restek’s customer database. The account manager will manage the program for their particular account and be the sole point of contact for all communication within the program. Only purchases made directly from Restek apply; purchases of Restek products made through distributors or any channel other than directly from Restek will not apply. Your company account must be in good standing for Restek orders to ship, and as a consequence, to accrue points for this rewards program. A company address must be provided for shipping purposes, and no shipments will be made to residential addresses. The administrator of the online shopping portal for the Restek Rewards program, C.A. Short, reserves the right to substitute equivalent models according to product availability, and offers made are valid while supplies last. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Restek Rewards points have no cash value and will have an expiration date of 24 months from the date of issue. At Restek, we understand and respect your concerns about the privacy and security of your personal data; for more information, visit Restek patents and trademarks are the property of Restek Corporation (See for full list). Other trademarks in Restek literature or on its website are the property of their respective owners. Restek registered trademarks are registered in the U.S. and may also be registered in other countries.

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Restek Rewards Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional questions about Restek Rewards, see the FAQs below. Still did not find the answer you were looking for? Contact the Restek  team.
  1. Where Are My Points?!

    Your Restek Rewards points balance will be updated monthly with the update appearing by the 10th day of each month and covering the points accrued during the previous month. An email notification of the account balance will be sent monthly to the account manager.

  2. If I have questions about my Restek Rewards account balance, whom should I contact?

    If you are not your organization’s Restek Rewards account manager, check with him/her. If you are the Restek Rewards account manager, please address any questions regarding the usage of points to C.A. Short. Any questions regarding the accrual of points can be addressed to the Restek  team.
  1. Is there a way to get the balance for a given account further subdivided by department/group/individual/etc.?

    No. All sales associated with a given shipping address in Restek’s customer database will be consolidated into a single value, which is used to generate the total number of points accrued by that shipping address and assigned to the single Restek Rewards account associated with that shipping address. Point reporting cannot be further subdivided to show a department/group/individual’s specific contribution based on that entity’s purchases; any desired subdivision would need to be handled by your organization and account manager.

  2. Who is C.A. Short and what do they have to do with Restek Rewards?

    To provide our loyal customers with an easier way to track and spend their rewards points on a much wider variety of options, Restek has teamed up with the C.A. Short company to utilize their “People Are Everything” rewards platform as an online portal for the management of your Restek Rewards account. Restek updates C.A. Short to inform them of the points your organization has earned, and they offer you the convenience of a digital catalog full of valuable ways to redeem your rewards points, and an easy means of keeping track of your account activity.

  3. Is there a minimum order value to accrue Restek Rewards Points?

    Restek Rewards Points are assigned in $50 increments with an account’s monthly total used to determine the number of Rewards Points awarded for that month. The conversion rate is 200 points for every $50 spent. For instance, a single order of $49 in the month of January will accrue no Restek Rewards Points. However, a single order of $149 in the month of January will accrue 400 points, and three orders of $49 each made in the month of January would amount to a total purchased value of $147 for the month and would accrue 400 points.

  4. Do Restek Rewards points expire?

    Yes. Restek Rewards points expire 24 months from the date they were accrued. Your account manager will be notified when points are about to expire via an email from C.A. Short, our third-party administrator for the online account portal. Points are used on a “first in/first out” basis, so the oldest points (i.e., those closest to expiration) will be used first whenever you redeem them with C.A. Short.

  5. If I am a new customer and am signing up for Restek Rewards at the same time I place my first order with Restek, will my first order generate rewards points?

    Yes! Welcome to Restek; we look forward to working with you.

  6. Can I earn Restek Rewards points for purchases of Restek products made through distributors?

    No. Only purchases made directly from Restek will generate Restek Rewards points.

  7. What happens if I return products purchased directly from Restek? Will that affect my Restek Rewards program?

    It might. If you returned a product you purchased directly from Restek, and Restek credits your account for that return, the amount credited will be subtracted from your Restek Rewards program at a rate of 200 rewards points per $50 increment credited to your Restek customer account.

  8. Do I have to be a registered Restek customer to be eligible for the Restek Rewards program?

    Yes. Only registered Restek customers can purchase directly from Restek, and only Restek products purchased directly from Restek are eligible to earn Restek Rewards points. If you are interested in becoming a Restek customer, contact the Restek Customer Accounts team.

  9. Can I roll my existing Wizard Dollars into my new Restek Rewards account?

    No. Wizard Dollars cannot be rolled over to the Restek Rewards program. And as of 1 January 2020, the Wizard Dollars program has expired and requests to redeem Wizard Dollars will no longer be honored.

  10. If the Restek Rewards program is managed entirely online, do my purchases from Restek also have to be online?

    No. You can place your order directly with Restek either online or with one of our customer service representatives, and the purchases will generate Restek Rewards points either way.

  11. If I have a problem with an item ordered using Restek Rewards points, should I contact Restek with questions or complaints?

    No. All questions, concerns, or inquiries regarding items ordered through the Restek Rewards program should be directed to C.A. Short, our third-party partner for the program. Please login to your Restek Rewards account and contact C.A. Short directly.

  12. Who within my organization can access our Restek Rewards account and view account activity or place orders using our Restek Rewards points?

    Only the individual your organization assigned during enrollment as the program account manager can view/edit your account and place orders using your Restek Rewards points.

  13. Can I change the shipping address or username assigned to my Restek Rewards account?

    No. The shipping address and username associated with your Restek Rewards account must match Restek’s records to ensure your Restek and Restek Rewards accounts are linked. However, if your organization changes its address, and your Restek customer account shipping address changes, contact the Restek  team, and we will update your Restek Rewards program accordingly.
  1. What happens if my organization needs to change any Restek Rewards account settings like our username, account manager, contact information, etc.?

    To make any changes to your Restek Rewards account information, please contact the Restek  team for assistance. We require and manage coordination between Restek and C.A. Short, the host of our online account portal, to ensure that all information is consistent and to avoid any potential problems updating your account with new points earned through purchases from Restek.
  1. My organization already has a Restek Rewards account, but I work in a different department/branch/team than the current account manager. May I set up my own account for the purchases my group makes?

    No. There can only be one account per shipping address in our customer database, so if your group’s shipping address is the same as the existing account, you may not set up another Restek Rewards account.

  2. How can I find out who my account manager is?

    When a new Restek Rewards account is set up, make sure your organization knows who is assigned as the account manager. If you are unsure who is assigned as your Restek Rewards account manager, please inquire within your organization. If you are still unable to identify your Restek Rewards account manager, you may contact the Restek  team for assistance.
  1. Can I update my Restek Rewards account details to have promotional items shipped to my home address?

    No. Shipments will not be sent to home addresses. Shipments will only be sent to the shipping address tied to the Restek Rewards account and cannot be changed without first contacting the Restek  team.