Restek's New Online Quoting System

Restek's New Online Quoting System

Simple to Use

Step One: Register Here
You only need to register one time, and then on future visits you'll use your username and password to log in.

Step Two: Select Products
There are a couple of ways to do this. You can navigate the product pages, and then click "Add to My Quote." Or, you can go to the RFQ screen and enter products by catalog number.

Step Three: Send Request for Quote (RFQ)
Submitting your request is just like the checkout stage of online shopping. You'll receive a response via e-mail, and so will your Restek distributor.

Many Useful Features

  • Choose your distributor during registration, and the system will automatically copy them on your inquiries.
  • Quote History list on the Profile screen, so you can review and track your RFQs.
  • Part number cross-referencing allows you to enter other suppliers' numbers to find Restek counterparts.
  • Save your RFQ to use it again later.
  • Seamless access to our full catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know an item's Restek catalog number?
No problem. Using the search or exploring the menus, it's easy to find Restek products on our website. If you have a different manufacturer’s catalog number, you can use it. Many products will automatically cross-reference to the Restek number. Finally, you can enter product descriptions on your RFQ – just click “Use Descriptions” to access this mode. (Please note: use catalog numbers whenever possible for speediest service.)

Who can use the online quoting system?
It's available world-wide. You just need to register. If you're not a Restek account-holder, your RFQs will be fulfilled through your distributor.

More questions?
Please contact us for assistance.

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